BlackBerry Signs Deal with Allied World Assurance Company

Sometimes brands need to remember where they came from in order to accelerate. This seems to be the story of BlackBerry. In the words of Chief Executive, John Chen, BlackBerry has gone “back to its roots”; as per the Financial Times. The company is focused on security software, servers and productivity tools.

A shift back to security and software seems wise as the theme of cyber security threats for unprotected smartphones intensifies. Governments rely heavily on the BlackBerry technology and all G7 countries use the ...

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BlackBerry Mobile Hits Instagram


Yesterday, BlackBerry Mobile expanded its social media reach by launching an account on the ubiquitous picture (and video) sharing platform, Instagram. They haven't shared a lot of photos yet (18 at the time of writing) but with the impending release of the KEYOne, surely that will change. Be sure to follow BlackBerry Mobile for photos of and by the KEYOne. 


This is a welcomed addition to the BlackBerry social media strategy, albeit this is done by BlackBerry Mobile (i.e. under the TCL ...

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BlackBerry Wins Settlement Against Qualcomm

BlackBerry announced today that it has won an arbitration hearing between it and chipset manufacturer Qualcomm.  This stems from the royalty fees paid to Qualcomm by BlackBerry for the use of its various chipsets in various BlackBerry devices.  On 20 April 2016, both sides agreed to arbitrate the dispute and between 27 February and 3 March 2017 the hearing was held. 

The announcement states that the arbitrator dictated approximately $815 million was the settlement.  Which equates to approximately $1.38 per fully ...

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Hands On: Privacy Shade App by BlackBerry

While the BlackBerry media machine is pushing out articles around their recent transition into a software company, the software engineers behind the scenes at BlackBerry are following through on this transition with new apps and software updates for their Android app suite. 

The most recent of these new apps, is an app that builds on the BlackBerry focus of Security and Privacy. It's called Privacy Shade, and it's now available in the Google Play Store globally (and comes highly rated, with a 4 ...

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FY2017 Year in Review

On 31 March 2017, BlackBerry released its Q4FY2017 results which completed the books on FY2017 as a whole. Now with the complete picture, it is time yet again to have a complete look at BlackBerry’s performance over the year in the key financial areas. However, as always:


Please note the following disclaimers: firstly, I am not a financial expert. I have an interest in the subject and therefore have looked into it but do not base any financial decisions from this article. Be sure ...

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AtHoc Receives FedRAMP Authorization

It’s been a while since we have seen BlackBerry’s AtHoc in the news; however, today that changes with yet another certification. With yesterday's press release, BlackBerry announced that AtHoc has received its first FedRAMP authorization. The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorization certifies that AtHoc has passed FedRAMP’s federal security and risk management review process.  In turn, this now permits AtHoc as a viable cloud service provider to the US Federal Government.  Of interest, this certification process was sponsored by ...

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Download This FREE BlackBerry Secure Wallpaper

Welcome to another Wallpaper Wednesday! Just kidding. It's Saturday, and unfortunately WallpaperWednesday won't be making the transition with us into 2017. But that doesn't mean we won't be creating or sharing awesome wallpapers going forward.

For example, relative to the BlackBerry Secure launch, check out this FREE wallpaper available below. If you're a graphic artist, or photographer and would like your wallpaper shared - shoot us an email!

Here's how to download and install:

  • Find the proper device / resolution wallpaper ...
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BlackBerry Officially Joins Vulnerable Persons Project

In late January, the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake chiefs met with business leaders from BlackBerry, Forrest Green RMC, SAS Canada as well as Cree leaders, members of various Kahnawake organizations and a few more. Talks were focused on creating a database to prevent or help solve missing persons cases, relative to the Vulnerable Persons Initiative.

"First Nations communities across Canada struggle to solve cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women so one of the motivations for such a project is the ability for said communities to ...

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