ICYMI: John Chen at the Empire Club

Today John Chen took to the stage to speak at the Empire Club, and a couple of critical things came out today.

First off, “We have made investment over a billion-plus, all in software, all in security, and now we need to execute it.” This has been the vision in which John Chen has had for the company since he took over. As for “now we need to execute it” that makes things even more interesting. It’s been evident to everyone that BlackBerry ...

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BlackBerry Argon Hits FCC and WiFi Alliance

If the leaked specs of the Argon or now known as DTEK60 was not enough to get you excited, then we have some more news for you.  Today it was noted that the BlackBerry Argon BBA100-1 and BBA100-2 passed through both the FCC and the WiFi Alliance.

From those sites, the specs for the Argon are:

5.5" diagonal, 534 PPI, 2560 x 1440 Quad HD resolution
All-touch screen, with intuitive gesture based navigation
Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 64-bit Quad-Core (MSM8996 with 64 bit Quad-Core ...

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BlackBerry and Caravan sign Radar Deal

BlackBerry Radar is finally beginning to make some traction in the transportation industry. Announced today, BlackBerry and Caravan Group have agreed to a contract where BlackBerry will install 500 units on trailers. Unfortunately, the companies did not release how much the deal is worth. However, Caravan had this as part of their statement:

"Running a fleet of 'Smart Trailers' has been a vision of ours for a while, but it wasn't until we met with BlackBerry did we think it could come to fruition ...

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Steve Jobs Biographer Loves His BlackBerry

Walter Isaacson, author of the bestselling biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, could be the next Kim K when it comes to BlackBerry.

At the Waterloo Innovation Summit last week, Walter mentioned his habits of buying unwanted BlackBerry Bolds in order to ensure he'll have the device for years to come - and how he gets up every morning and cuddles his BlackBerry.

Walter also had some other comments regarding BlackBerry:

"I like BlackBerry because I love the physical keyboard. It's that simple."

"It distresses me ...

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BlackBerry Releases Five New Apps and Hub+ Subscriptions for Android

If you're enjoying having BlackBerry's own suite of applications on your non-BlackBerry phone, get a little more excited - five more apps are heading to Hub+ today!

Originally posted on Inside Blogs:

We initially launched Hub+ as a free trial on Android Marshmallow, with only the Hub, Calendar, and Password Keeper available. Today, we are happy to announce the remainder of our productivity suite (Contacts, Tasks, Device Search, Notes, and Launcher) is now available to Android users for a free 30-day trial period and ...

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Former BlackBerry Exec Carlo Chiarello Appointed CEO of Lazaridis Institute

A former BlackBerry exec you may remember was recently appointed CEO for the Management of Technology Enterprises at Wilfrid Laurier University. 

Before jumping over to Powermat, Carlo Chiarello worked for BlackBerry in various executive roles, leaving his position as executive vice-president of the handset division in January 2014.

"Carlo has a strong track record of growing and leading organizations and managing complexity during hypergrowth stages. This combined with his international experience and deep industry knowledge makes him uniquely qualified to lead the Lazaridis Institute successfully ...

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BlackBerry Returns To Korea After 3 Years

According to sources, BlackBerry is set to launch the Priv in South Korea at a press event held this upcoming September 20th.

Something most likely won't know, is that BlackBerry first launched a smartphone in Korea in 2009 - but pulled out of the market alongside HTC, Motorola and Nokia around late 2012. Currently, Samsung holds around 70% of the marketshare, with Apple in second, holding around 10%.

This means the Priv will be the first smartphone that BlackBerry has launched in the country in ...

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3 Hong Kong Launches DTEK50 & 10-in-1 SIM Option

3 Hong Kong recently launched Numbers Master for iOS and Android phones based on a technology from BlackBerry. They also announced they'd be the first in Hong Kong to offer the new corporate-aimed DTEK50.

"3 Hong Kong is the first local telecoms operator to launch BlackBerry's thinnest-ever and highly- secure DTEK50 smartphone. Aimed at corporate customers, the DTEK50 offers an innovative, safe and reliable mobile service via Numbers Master. Starting today, customers subscribing to a monthly $1682 4G LTE plan can get the DTEK50 ...

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