BlackBerry Software Selected For U.S. Senate Crisis Communications On Capitol Hill

BlackBerry announced today that they've been granted a multi-million dollar contract to bring AtHoc crisis communications software to power the Sergeant at Arms’ Joint Emergency Mass Notification Systems (JEMNS) over five years. With full spectrum enterprise level alerting and accountability, JEMNS powered by AtHoc provides secure notification and communications in times of crisis for as many as 50,000 individuals working and visiting the US Capitol Complex.

“It’s critical for the nation’s political epicenter to be prepared with a unified communications system to swiftly ...

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BlackBerry & Appdome Partner To Enable Codeless Integration For Mobile Application Developers and Users

BlackBerry today announced the availability of AppDome's AppFusion service for the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform. With AppDome, applications can take advantage of Good Dynamics´ specific secure workflow for enterprise apps without the need for developers to access the source code.

“In partnering with AppDome, we are expanding flexibility and enabling new features by making it easier for customers to easily integrate, use, protect and manage their enterprise apps on Good Dynamics,” - Billy Ho, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Product and Value Added Solutions ...

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Mobile Security Research Uncovers Gap Between Perception & Reality Of Vulnerabilities

A new global research initiative conducted by BlackBerry finds that despite extensive resources dedicated to mobile security, many IT decision-makers remain concerned about the level of vulnerabilities that persist. The study surveyed 1,000 executives from seven countries across a wide range of vertical industries, including financial services, government and healthcare.

Main Points:

• 86 percent of executives still worry about potential hacks
• Half say they will experience more security breaches through mobile devices
• 44 percent fear security will prevent employees from being productive ...

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Symphony Secure Collaboration Service Now Available On The Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform From BlackBerry

More news hot out of BlackBerry's Security Summit taking place in New York, USA: BlackBerry & Symphony Communication Services, LLC, the secure collaboration and workflow technology company announced the availability of Symphony’s iOS app on the Good Dynamics marketplace.

“With the support of Symphony’s collaboration solution, we are expanding the portfolio of third-party business applications for Good Dynamics and supplementing our overall EMM strategy,” said Billy Ho, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Product and Value Added Solutions, BlackBerry. “These applications help to grow our enterprise ...

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First Electric Locomotive Built In Turkey Pulls Ahead With QNX Neutrino OS

TÜBİTAK MRC chose one of the worlds most secure and efficient operating systems to integrate into their E1000 electric locomotive. The first prototype locomotive was delivered to the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) and successfully passed testing. Seventy locomotives are expected to be built by 2023.

Here's what BlackBerry had to say about the news:

“We are proud to help TÜBİTAK reach this historic milestone,” said John Wall, Senior Vice President and Head of QNX Software Systems. “QNX OS technology has a proven track record ...

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AT&T Releases Marshmallow Update to Priv, Here's How To Install It

The Marshmallow update has been available to unlocked Priv users for a while now, and T-Mobile spit out the release in mid-June. Finally, the update is now available for AT&T handsets - but if you're one of the folks who jumped on an AT&T Priv eBay deal, you may need to install the update manually.

Not to worry, we've got you covered. Follow the few steps below, and you'll have Android 6 installed on your AT&T variant Priv in no-time. If you are on AT&T ...

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BlackBerry Ends Production On Classic Handset

Rumours from a couple of weeks ago mentioned BlackBerry telling carriers about cutting their production of OS 10 smartphones. After the news, the company's new COO and GM of Devices took to the Inside Blogs to announce the stop in production of the Classic handset - a phone they launched only in late 2014.

Really, the rumour was only partially true - and if you blinked, you likely missed the Red Passport finally becoming Limited Edition as they cut production of the eye-popping red device. The reasoning ...

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A Bold Proposal: A Digital Disconnection [Part II]

ICYMI, I recently decided to go all in with a Bold 9900, a semi-smartphone of yesteryear. A move inspired by a few other tech bloggers and a micro niche of users who, for whatever reason, have clung to the remarkable Bold 9900, BlackBerry’s flagship phone of 2011. This journey back was a challenging one for me, as an avid user and self-professed lover of smartphones, and really all things technology. But that was the point (to sum up my article), to digitally disconnect from ...

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