Dossier v1.0.3 Now Available On BlackBerry World

Tundra Core Studios has released their long-awaited app update for Dossier - a virtual rolodex that keeps your most important contact information easily accessible, a tool most suited for businesses. 

Dossier is a native BlackBerry 10 application dedicated to keeping vital information and files on contacts that are relevant to your business from clients to suppliers whilst keeping the data safe and secure through on-device secure techniques. It allows you to have complete fingertip access to your client files when you are mobile and away ...

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BBM Video Comes to iPhone and Android Users in Canada, U.S., Latin America AND Middle East

It seems some may have missed the updated version of this post. The latest BBM Beta which includes cross-platform video is now available for Android and iOS users - now including select spots in the Middle East.

Originally posted on Inside Blogs:

(Updated June 8th with Middle East availability)

BBM users have been clamoring for video calling (as you reminded me in your comments on my recent BBM: Getting Better All the Time post). We’re thrilled to announce that video calling is almost ready for primetime ...

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Seven Major Updates to BlackBerry’s Secure Enterprise Portfolio

Originally Posted On Inside Blogs:

At BlackBerry, we’re big believers in constant improvement, whether you call it kaizen, agile development or whatever. To that end, we’ve not only rapidly integrated the companies we’ve acquired in the past year – including AtHoc, Good Technology, and WatchDox – but we’ve continued to ship significant updates to them and other members of our enterprise software and services family with no interruption.

This week, we’re announcing 7 updates to our enterprise portfolio. Read on for an overview, with ...

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BlackBerry Hands Over User Data To Help Police 'Kick Ass,' Insider Says

A CBC investigation following resurfaced news on how BlackBerry assists with lawful requests turned up some information that sheds a better light on how operations like this work, with requests from around the world.

The Public Safety Operations within BlackBerry spoke to CBC on a non-authorized basis about how their team (which once stood 15 in team members) handles these requests, and what it's like assisting police in a wide range of high profile investigations.

Here's what CBC says:

CBC News has gained a ...

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Wallpaper Wednesday

Welcome to another Wallpaper Wednesday!

Each week, we'll bring you cool and popular wallpapers for all your BlackBerry devices. If you're a graphic artist, or photographer and would like your wallpaper shared - shoot us an email!

Here's how to download and install:

  • Find the proper device / resolution wallpaper for your device
  • Click the Download link
  • Touch and hold on the image, selecting Save Image, or select Download in the top right corner
  • Once downloaded, select the image in your downloads folder which should ...
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Rumour Roundup

Welcome to BlackBerryCentral's Rumour Roundup!

Each Tuesday, we'll bring you the most interesting rumours in the BlackBerry community and let you know if there's any real supporting evidence. Devices, OS's, and more hot topics - it's your one-stop post to get the latest rumours.


OS 10.3.3 Delayed


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Basically, this is a question of "it's June, where is 10.3.3 or at least some news", but rest assured, the update isn't far ...

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Why BlackBerry Needs Rome & Hamburg

With allegations coming from AT&T about a trend in returns of Priv handsets, it leaves BlackBerry's next two handsets in question - will they succeed in a consumer market?

For example, the Hamburg is likely the most asked about in this regard. Is releasing an all-touch device in a saturated market the smartest idea? The smartphone market currently holds an estimated 2 Billion people who own a cellphone in 2016 with nearly 250 million of this number in North America (behind China and India). The Hamburg ...

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AT&T Exec: "Higher Returns On Priv Than We'd Like"

An AT&T executive, speaking anonymously to CNET told a story of less than favourable BlackBerry Priv sales. If you recall, AT&T was the exclusive retailer in the United States - though this news also seems impacted by the recent news of T-Mobile not offering the device online further.

“The BlackBerry Priv is really struggling,” the exec told CNET’s Roger Cheng. “We’ve seen more returns than we would like.”

The issue apparently comes down to the amount of loyalists buying the Priv, and finding the transition too difficult, or disliking the experience ...

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