This Spring, Keep Things Fresh With up to 30% off Select BlackBerry Products

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Hey there, #TeamBlackBerry! Spring has finally arrived, and we’d like to mark the occasion with something special: two refreshing new deals on ShopBlackBerry! Starting today, we’re offering discounts on all of our accessories along with the BlackBerry Passport.

Unlock a wider world of productivity with 20% off the Passport (Black or White) and Passport Silver Edition, then gear yourself up for Spring with 30% off all BlackBerry accessories.

Want a new hard shell case for your Passport? 30% off!

Looking ...

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AtHoc Wins Contact with Major University

Whilst the Hardware Division has not been making many headlines as of late, BlackBerry’s other divisons continue to conduct business and gain traction. Just a few days ago, AtHoc has announced yet another major contract; this time with Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. The university is a large one with a population of approximately 40,000 staff and students. Therefore, it is easy to understand why the campus leadership wanted a system which made the campus “incident-ready” in the event of an emergency.

“AtHoc’s Networked ...

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Sunday Summation: February 28 - March 19

Each Sunday, we'll take a look at what BlackBerry news showed up over the course of the week and break it down in an easy-to-read format.

From the BlackBerryCentral Channel:

BlackBerry users launch WhatsApp Petition
[Reposted from Rapid Mobile C00040F5B]
BlackBerry users annoyed with WhatsApp’s decision to stop supporting BB10 have launched an online petition.

At the time of writing it has 362 signatures.

I'm not even going to comment on whether this is worthwhile or not, simply just give the link for ...

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Priv by BlackBerry Available in Israel

Originally Posted on Inside Blogs

Good morning, #TeamBlackBerry! As you know, we’ve been working hard to make PRIV available to as many of our fans as possible. Over the past two months, we’ve made great progress to that end, with launches in Nigeria, the Netherlands, Italy, and SpainFranceAustraliaIndia, and South Africa.

Starting today, March 3, we’ve one more launch to add to that list: Israel. Our first secure Android smartphone is available through Accel Telecom Ltd and Partner, both  ...

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Why Facebook for BlackBerry Was Discontinued

Earlier in the week, an update to the native Facebook applications for BlackBerry 10 and BBOS went live in their respective app stores.

An update that has caused lots of buzz surrounding the choices made which ultimately produced a web-launcher icon for the devices; instead of the desired feature and bug fix alternative. Despite BlackBerry's attempts to clarify the issues by releasing statments on the Inside Blogs site, many consumers and developers alike are left confused on the subject.

We've seen a lot ...

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Throwback Thursday

Welcome to BlackBerryCentral’s #ThrowbackThursday!

Each Thursday the BlackBerryCentral team will go back in the BlackBerry Chronicles to give you a glimpse of nostalgia. This will include device launches and announcements that made BlackBerry a household name and a superstar status.

This week we will go back to the announcement which changed the company as we know it, brought some hope to the darkening aura surrounding BlackBerry, that date is 9 April 2010 – the announcement of QNX’s acquisition.

On 9 April 2010, BlackBerry announced that ...

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Wallpaper Wednesday

Welcome to another Wallpaper Wednesday!

Each week, we'll bring you cool and popular wallpapers for all your BlackBerry devices. If you're a graphic artist, or photographer and would like your wallpaper shared - shoot us an email!

Here's how to download and install:

  • Find the proper device / resolution wallpaper for your device
  • Click the Download link
  • Touch and hold on the image, selecting Save Image, or select Download in the top right corner
  • Once downloaded, select the image in your downloads folder which should ...
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Shorted Stock Getting Shorter

If you are into BlackBerry’s stock position and follow it closely, then you will have likely noticed some reasonable gains in the past few weeks. It appears that BlackBerry’s stock has finally gained some positive traction as of late and it inching its way upward vice downward – a direction which everyone wants to see.

However, there is one group who do not want to see the stock to rise. In fact, they want the stock to fall, those are the short shareholders. However, it ...

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