BlackBerry Announces New Partnership Program

If there's one thing BlackBerry has done well under John Chens' leadership; it's leveraging partnerships. The latest sees the company expanding its embedded software through a new partner program. Predominately aimed at pushing QNX, the Value-Added Integrator program will allow industry to tap into a worldwide network of QNX and Certicom technologies trained experts.

As part of the press-release BlackBerry had the following statement:

"The explosion of unsecured Internet of Things devices and embedded systems has presented a tremendous opportunity for security and ...

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How Intel's Mobileye Purchase Could Impact $BBRY

A major purchase of an autonomous vehicle company potentially may have a significant impact on BBRY shares in the coming future. If you haven’t seen the news, Intel has agreed to terms with Mobileye in a $15.3B deal to purchase the Israeli company. The deal elevates the value of companies working on autonomous drive vehicles as Intel shelled out 39 times more than Mobileye’s sales performance and 19.5 times more than their book value. 

So why does this matter to BlackBerry? QNX... QNX ...

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3 Reasons Government Should Rethink Using Mobile Device Management For BYOD

There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground between government-grade security and end-user happiness with MDM in BYOD. Rather, a completely different approach is needed in this situation.

Government agencies and their employees like BYOD because it gives employees mobile access to work email and documents, on their favorite devices, without having to allocate IT funds for hardware.

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions have been touted as the simplest, most cost-effective way to reduce security threats from BYOD phones. Yet many government IT pros who’ve ...

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Aperture Priority: BlackBerry Aurora

"We’re confident that Indonesian consumers will absolutely love BlackBerry Aurora. Built on the world’s most secure Android software platform, the Nougat 7.0-based BlackBerry Aurora is made in Indonesia, and will deliver a wealth of features favored by Indonesian users, including:

  • The aforementioned dual-SIM support for easy handling of personal and business calls in one phone (many Indonesians are forced to carry two phones today for this reason);
  • A 3000 mAh battery for over 20 hours of mixed-use (30 hours standby);
  • Working closely with ...
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BB Merah Putih Introduces The BlackBerry Aurora

After an awkward lead up of events, BB Merah Putih has finally made the BlackBerry Aurora official -- the first device produced for the Indonesian market under a licensing agreement signed in late 2016.

"The BlackBerry Aurora is a dual SIM 4G LTE smartphone that operates with Android 7.0 Nougat, with a 5.5" inch screen and 4GB RAM memory. Fusing the latest technology with 4G LTE network speed, vibrant HD 720p wide screen and 4GB memory, the BlackBerry Aurora delivers the best performance to ...

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BlackBerry Aurora Product Page Goes Live

"Elegant design and functionality have become key parts of what makes a smartphone today. BlackBerry Aurora has it all. Supported by the latest technology and design, we made the BlackBerry Aurora to be a key part of the active lifestyle of its users."

The BB Merah Putih BlackBerry Aurora page has gone live, and pre-orders have even been underway through one Indonesian retailer - but we still have not seen an official announcement. With an average price of IDR3.499.000, this makes the Aurora a reasonably ...

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The KEYone, A New Era For BlackBerry?

The official presentation and “launch” of the highly anticipated BlackBerry device, the KEYone (formerly known under the codename Mercury), at Mobile World Congress 2017 undoubtedly left some BlackBerry fans yearning for more, while others, frustrated for the same reasons that have continued to plague BlackBerry for years. Unfortunately, the Canadian company is notorious for poor demonstrations, botched launches and mundane presentations nearly to the point where it has become their M.O.; The KEYone launch was no different. 

However, despite the terrible amateurish presentation ...

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Register For First Access To Purchase #KEYone

If you're absolutely dying to get your hands on a BlackBerry KEYone, you'll have to wait just a few more weeks. In the meantime, the best thing you can do to short-track yourself on a list to purchase one of these, is to head to @BBMobiles own registration page.

Currently, the registration page is Canada-only -- but we'll update this post to reflect other registration pages for the global markets. On the page, an options list allows you to select your current carrier ...

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