BlackBerry Priv Update Now Live For Non-ShopBlackBerry Devices

Starting this morning, the first official software update for the BlackBerry Priv has started to roll out to carrier devices globally - a day later than expected. This comes just a week after ShopBlackBerry purchased Priv devices recieved the update.

Here's what BlackBerry says the update is all about:

When we announced the PRIV, we made a commitment to bring BlackBerry’s legendary security expertise to Android. A key area of focus in that regard was the release of monthly security updates for the OS, in ...

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BBCentral's App Picks Of The Week

Welcome to BBCentral's App Picks Of The Week!

Each week, we'll let you know all about our top 5 favourite BlackBerry 10 apps and how to get them. 

Have an app you'd like to suggest? Are you an app developer and would like to see your app here? Drop us a comment below and let us know what apps we should check out next!

This week, we're taking a look at:

  • Astro File Manager
  • Wolfram Alpha
  • Aviary Photo Editor
  • Call ...
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BBRY's Hidden Saviour

With BlackBerry’s 2016 Q3 results looming on December 18th – which is turning into a pretty busy day for me with the Star Wars Episode VII launch and my brother’s birthday – the investors are hoping for a strong showing that the turnaround plan is in fact working. Everyone will be looking and hoping for Priv sales numbers which would show that the company’s hardware sales are on the up. However, there could be a little piece which has been hiding in the background ...

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Sunday Summation: November 30 - December 6

Sunday is ALMOST gone but in the Pacific time zone and West, we're still in it.  So, here's the weekly Sunday Summation of BlackBerry news! 

If you don't follow our BBM Channel... WHY NOT?! Check it out at C003B4AA1

But just in case, here's what you'd find there:



The Stickers of BBM have become a bit of a love hate-ole thing.  Some people think huge emoji are awesome.  Some find them intrusive.  But free ...

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BlackBerryCentral Podcast 11: Priv Q&A

The BlackBerryCentral Podcasts have so far been an effective way to introduce community members and notable guests.

Join us for the BlackBerryCentral podcast episode 11 where we discuss the most popular topics in the past week: Priv, Vienna, Android, Earnings Call, Blend & More.

You can always shoot us a Tweet @TheBBCentral if you'd like to be a guest on our podcasts!


Drop us a comment ...

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Five Tip Friday

Welcome to Five Tip Friday!

Each Friday, we'll post helpful tips about your BlackBerry device. From software to hardware, you can be sure to get the latest info on your device right here!

Special PRIV Tips:

1. Speed Up Priv Animations

Many of us may find the transition animations on the Priv to be slow or annoying due to their slow speed. You can change the speed of the transitions! Here's how:

Step 1: Swipe left from within the Hub to show the ...

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Throwback Thursday

Welcome to BlackBerryCentral’s #ThrowbackThursday! 

Each Thursday the BlackBerryCentral team will go back in the BlackBerry Chronicles to give you a glimpse of nostalgia. This will include device launches and announcements, and other announcements that made BlackBerry a household name and a superstar status.

This week, we look at the year 1999 and what it brought to BlackBerry.

1999 Corporate Milestones

  • RIM lists on the Nasdaq (Nasdaq: RIMM)

Product Announcements

  • RIM introduces the BlackBerry wireless email solution, BlackBerry Enterprise Server Software for Microsoft Exchange and ...
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Your Questions Answered: BlackBerry Hosting a PRIV AMA

BlackBerry has shown a lot of effort in getting the Priv in consumer hands, like sending reps to carrier stores, and wide advertising campaigns. This Thursday, BlackBerry is hosting an AMA session on Reddit to answer any and all questions you might have about the handset.

Here's what BlackBerry says;

As you well know, reception to the PRIV on reddit has been very strong. Back when we first announced the phone, redditors expressed interest about everything from the slider keyboard to the simple ...

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