App Review - Dossier by Tundra Core Studios

With all of the talk of the pending Priv release, BlackBerry apps appearing in Google Play (just not for download… yet) and the attempt to soothe BlackBerry 10 users and developers there has been little room for specific apps in the news. However, Tundra Core Studios has just released their first app of their Productivity Suite. Dossier aims to be a complex and complete contacts application for those on the go.

Dossier allows users to group contacts by any type of category defined by the ...

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Rumour Roundup

Welcome to BlackBerryCentral's Rumour Roundup!

Each Tuesday, we'll bring you the most interesting rumours in the BlackBerry community and let you know if there's any real supporting evidence. Devices, OS's, and more hot topics - it's your one-stop post to get the latest rumours.


BlackBerry Priv Front Facing Camera Is 2 Megapixels And Not 5 As Rumoured.


Community Speculation, Twitter.


This rumour began when some leaks appeared showing the Priv being competitively spec'd. There were a few ...

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UPDATED: BlackBerry Keyboard, Launcher & MORE Listed In Google Play

The BlackBerry Priv is just days away, really.

If you keep a close eye on BlackBerry, you may have spotted the BlackBerry Keyboard, exFAT, and Launcher on the Google Play Store. This is a good sign that the software has reached the final release portion. Check out the listings below:

BlackBerry Launcher

The BlackBerry Launcher application enables you to:
• Easily turn multistep tasks such as sending an email or calling a friend into a one-click task.
• Find, sort and place applications, widgets and ...

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Sunday Summation: October 19 - October 25

It's Sunday again already which brings us to another Sunday Summation!  This week was filled with PRIV launch information which has the tech world talking.  Without further ado: Sunday Summation!

Bell Teases The BlackBerry PRIV

Back on October 20, we caught this Bell ad shich shows a BlackBerry PRIV aside a Samsung front and center and assumedly the HTC One M9.  While the ad wasn't tooting the horn of the PRIV, but rather the LTE speeds of the carrier's network, we couldn ...

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Telus Set To Carry BlackBerry Priv

According to BBOS, Telus is prepping to launch the Priv by BlackBerry with availability beginning on November 6th:

"After receiving credible proof of Bell Mobility's & Rogers' plans to carry the BlackBerry Priv, we can exclusively confirm today that Telus will indeed carry the BlackBerry Priv, with an expected availability of November 6th. The actual pricing is not known at this time, but you can expect it to likely mirror Roger's pricing of $399/2yr & $799 outright."

(One thing to be mentioned ...

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Wallpaper Wednesday

Welcome to another Wallpaper Wednesday!

Each week, we'll bring you cool and popular wallpapers for all your BlackBerry 10 devices. If you're a graphic artist, or photographer and would like your wallpaper shared - shoot us an email!

Here's how to download and install:

  • Find the proper device / resolution wallpaper for your device
  • Click the Download link
  • Touch and hold on the image, selecting Save Image, or select Download in the top right corner
  • Once downloaded, select the image in your downloads folder which ...
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Pre-Order The BlackBerry Priv From ShopBlackBerry

Users in some regions are reporting pre-ordering options for the BlackBerry Priv on the ShopBlackBerry website. Available for $899 CAD or $699 USD, you can pre-order the BlackBerry Priv starting right now. You'll also note a shipping date of November 6th.

If you signed up for notifications from BlackBerry, you likely have an email in your inbox - Order Your PRIV Now - about ordering the device today:

Check out the official listing, and be sure to hit the Pre-Order button at the ...

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BlackBerry Priv Hits The PTCRB

New of the Priv is on a non-stop roll.

We've learned that the STV100-1 and -3 have popped up on the PTCRB - and this means folks will finally get a better look at what network bands will be supported by the device(s). While this isn't the FCC listing that you're after, the PTCRB is just as good of an indication. For those of you hoping to finally see some Verizon love, let's see what we'll be getting:

Priv ...

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