Vendor Stats Released By Sven Ziegler

Vendor Stats is a native BlackBerry 10 app and has been exclusively designed and developed to help BlackBerry 10 developers.

As a BlackBerry Developer you're likely familar with the problematic nature of the BlackBerry Vendor Portal, when you try to access it with your mobile device. Vendor Stats solves that issue and offers everything you missed so far! Vendor Stats gives you a great overview and analysis about the metrics you care as a BlackBerry 10 developer!

  • Do you want to see how every ...
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BlackBerry Q10 Boosts This Financial Planners Productivity

If you were to listen in on BlackBerry’s marketing team and their description of the ideal BlackBerry customer, they would probably describe Marc Ranger. Marc is young, keen, professional and passionate about what he does: Financial Planning and consulting. Armed with not one but two BlackBerry Q10s, Marc is constantly on the go, providing advice and travelling for work. I recently got together with Marc for a brief chat about his use of BlackBerry devices (and I also provided him with a few useful tips ...

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Meet The Dev: Shashwat Pradhan

Every Thursday on a bi-weekly basis, we'll sit down with some of the best BlackBerry developers for some Q&A to give you the inside scoop on your favourite apps and platform. This week, we chatted with Sashwat Pradhan of Emberify - the team behind Follow Mail and Inbox Zero 

Name: Sashwat Pradhan

Developer Name: Emberify

Country: India

Website: Emberify

Social Pages: @Emberify


How many people are on your Development Team?

 We have six people in our team at Emberify.


How long ...

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BlackBerryCentral Podcast Episode 8

The BlackBerryCentral Podcasts have so far been an effective way to introduce community members and notable guests.

Join us for the BlackBerryCentral podcast episode 8 where we discuss the most popular topics in the past week - and Dylan teases something with a Silver Edition Passport...


  • BlackBerry Venice Leaks (Release, Specs + OS)
  • Silver Edition Passport Leaks Running Android
  • 10.3.3 Rumours
  • BlackBerry 10's Future With Android

You can always shoot us a Tweet @TheBBCentral if you'd like to be a guest on our ...

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Wallpaper Wednesday

Welcome to Wallpaper Wednesday!

Each week, we'll bring you cool and popular wallpapers for all your BlackBerry 10 devices. If you're a graphic artist, or photographer and would like your wallpaper shared - shoot us an email!

Here's how to download and install:

  • Find the proper device / resolution wallpaper for your device
  • Click the Download link
  • Touch and hold on the image, selecting Save Image, or select Download in the top right corner
  • Once downloaded, select the image in your downloads folder which should ...
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Leaking: What Is It & How Does It Hurt A Company?

In the BlackBerry community, Leaks are one of the biggest debates. Many question the intentions of leaking, saying it's both harmful and derailing for a company - while others can't seem to get enough of it.

To be fair, and in full disclosure, I myself have a record of releasing information early. A recent example would be the BlackBerry Passport | Silver Edition, but I span back a few years.

Leaks (for those less-aware) is when information whether tangible or intangible is released in a ...

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BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Officially Announced

BlackBerry has just unveiled their second device of 2015 - the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition.

"BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition delivers Passport productivity with a more refined design: reinforced stainless steel frame for better durability; keyboard improvements to make typing easier; rounded corners and diamond patterned back for improved grip and feel."

Available starting today as a bundle for $649.00, customers get:

  • Sync Pod ($39.99 Value)
  • Leather Flip Case ($69.99 Value)
  • Leather Flex Shell ($49.99 Value)
  • BlackBerry Passport | Silver Edition

Press Release

BlackBerry ...

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BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Shows Up On Online Retailer

A few months back, BlackBerryCentral brought you an exclusive first image of the unreleased BlackBerry Oslo.

Later, the codename was found to be Dallas, and most recently an internal document leaked which shows the devices release name BlackBerry Passport | Silver Edition. Today, a Swiss retailer let slip of the soon-to-be official device on a website. A rendering, price, and full specifications have come along with it.

We already knew that the device would feature the same specifications internally as the original BlackBerry Passport, so let's ...

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