WatchDox To BlackBerry Workspaces: Building More Secure File Sharing

Based on the new BlackBerry Secure platform, WatchDox will now be known as BlackBerry Workspaces going forward into 2017. But an updated interface and logo isn't the only thing to pay attention to, there's new features that are being added - furthering the acquisitioned company as one of (if not THE) most secure file sharing offerings currently available.

"BlackBerry Secure is one of the tangible representations of our transition to a software-focused company" and the Workspaces transition is merely one cog in this ...

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BlackBerry UEM: Securing Your Enterprise from a Single Console

UEM is something BlackBerry calls An Evolutionary Step in Endpoint Management. BlackBerry UEM converges device, application, and content management for connected mobile devices with a single management console for laptops and desktops.

It also supports all the major mobile platforms, like BlackBerry 10, Android (Android for Work & Samsung Knox), iOS, Windows 10 and OSX.

Easily stated, the UEM is BlackBerry's answer to a simplified and unified foundation for their suites and standalone software offerings. It's a single platform that allows you to ...

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BlackBerry Unveils Comprehensive Mobile-Security Platform for the Enterprise of Things

BlackBerry just announced a new platform for their Enterprise Of Things approach to the business world. This new mobility platform is the driving foundation for a unified experience as companies move to secure communications and productivity in the new age of technology and connectivity.

Essentially, the move brings the companies key acquisitons and BES12 into one mobility management offering, meaning that Good Technology, WatchDox, AtHoc and Encription will be provided under a unified title - BlackBerry Secure. In BlackBerry's words, It helps companies manage and secure ...

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BlackBerry Priv Now $599 CAD

Shortly after a year on the market, BlackBerry offered their biggest discount on the Priv, at $399 instead of the usual $899 CAD this past November.

Now, BlackBerry has decided to permanently place the handsets Canadian price at $599 Unlocked via ShopBlackBerry. A price that it should have arguably launched at, had production costs and margins not been as intense. If you're still looking to scoop up a Priv even cheaper than this, head over to Amazon - where the device is being sold at ...

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BlackBerry Mercury Spotted In The Wild

After months of waiting, we finally have our first images of the next in-house designed BlackBerry - the DTEK70 (allegedly).

If you aren't familiar, which we find unlikely, the handset pictured below is said to be the last QWERTY device BlackBerry will release based on internal designs; rather than the outsourced DTEK50 and DTEK60 devices. A Weibo user posted two images of the device earlier today, which we enhanced (a pinch) in order to spot the keyboard a little bit better.

R U M O ...

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University of Waterloo, BlackBerry Partner To Bring Ontario's First Self-Driving Cars

Recently, Ontario became the first Province in Canada to open a Pilot program which the Ministry of Transportation plans to test the safety and reliability of automated vehicles on public roads.

BlackBerry naturally will play an instrumental role in the program - as their QNX subsidiary is one of just three approved participants. Each participating organization will be testing different levels of automation, and the program is set to span over 10 years, making the potential advancements limitless. The province is investing $2.95 million over the ...

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BBM for Android & BlackBerry 10 Updated

This week, BlackBerry rolled out a new update for BBM - not only on their homegrown OS 10, but for Android handsets too.

For Android, BBM lists the update as bringing more than just the usual bug fixes:


  • Chats Now Support Very Long Messages
  • Access All Free Stickers in One Tap From BBM Discovery Tab
  • More Secure Sign In for Users Who Signed Up with Phone
  • Bug Fixes

B L A C K B E R R Y  1 0 ...

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BlackBerry OS 10.3.3 Begins Rolling Out

Despite a lack of official announcement, the long-awaited BlackBerry 10.3.3 update has finally started rolling out to devices globally.

What's new you ask? Well, we're all still digging into it - so far, forums members have brought up Browser enhancements, but not much else. Which makes sense, since this update isn't exactly aimed at being anything but back-end security focused.

Be sure to check your device for an update, chances are you'll see one if you've got an unlocked ...

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