Getting Started With BBM Meetings

The BlackBerryCentral team has been using BBM Meetings for a few months now and we thought it would be appropriate to give a review on our experiences with it. Some have also found that finding and buying a BBM subscription can be cumbersome.

Rest assured, we're here to help.

What Is BBM Meetings?

BBM Meetings combines a cross-platform experience that allows on-the-go meetings with ease. With multiple features like Screen Sharing, Recording, Call-In, HD Video + Voice BBM, Meetings is simply more advanced - at a fraction ...

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John Chen's Words Come Into Action: Q4 2015 Earnings

On Friday March 27 - BlackBerry will present its fiscal fourth quarter and 2015 year end earnings report, which ended February 28. Having beat earnings expectations for the previous four quarters, how will BlackBerry fair this quarter?

Taking a look back at new activity ‎within this quarter (December, January, & February), there was more news from BlackBerry in the way of software services than that of devices. This is a positive sign BlackBerry is gaining traction to develop further revenue from software sales.

New Device Revenue ...

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Promys Anywhere PSA Software Announces BlackBerry Support

Promys, a leader in enterprise Professional Services Automation (PSA) software for technology solution providers, announced the release of BlackBerry support for their enterprise PSA software, which can run on any BlackBerry smartphone.

Promys mobile users now have access to exactly the same functionality as users in the office. Sales can access all CRM and quoting functionality. Project managers can access all project schedule, resource calendar, work assignment or product delivery information. Field technicians can access all customer asset, service contract, trouble ticket, time sheet & ...

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BBM Meetings Updated To 1.1.0

At the beginning of the month, BlackBerry announced a new version of BBM Meetings to be rolled out at some point in the coming days.

Today, it looks like the update has finally started to roll out - as users are starting to see an update to version showing up.

New Features

  • Enhanced meeting privacy control settings for audio and video
  • Auto Fit-to-screen
  • New PSTN audio prompts
  • Mandatory Join Meeting Tone
  • Performance improvements, audio quality and bug fixes
  • Added Plugin for Microsoft ...
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Keeping it fresh for 35 years

By Megan Alink, Director of Marketing Communications for QNX Automotive

Recently, my colleagues Paul Leroux and Matt Young showed off a shiny new infographic that enlightens readers to the many ways they encounter QNX-based systems in daily life (here and here). After three-and-a-half decades in business we’ve certainly been around the block a time or two, and you might think things are getting a bit stale. As the infographic shows, that couldn’t be further from the truth here at QNX. From up in the stars ...

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Which Perimeter Am I In?

For developers who are targeting their applications for both the work and the personal perimeter of the device, this might be a million dollar question. Sometimes it becomes necessary to dynamically determine which perimeter the user has deployed an app in.

Needless to say, BlackBerry 10 APIs are designed to be perimeter agnostic. Hence, most app developers need not worry about it. But there are cases when apps need to make decisions based on this. E.g. an app might want to encrypt data only ...

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ICYMI: 3.0 Gold plug-in for Visual Studio

At the beginning of the month, BlackBerry announced the Gold 3.0 of their VS Plugin. In case you missed it, check out the new 3.0 Gold version of the plug-in:

The BlackBerry Native Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio (version 3.0 Gold) includes a new UI for configuring your environment, project templates for developing BlackBerry apps, and lots of other new features. In this article, we take a look at what's new in this release.

Special thanks to open-source contributor Pawel Hofman ...

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BlackBerry Leap To Be Released On 29 April: Where To Pre-Order

Prospective buyers can pre-order the SIM-free BlackBerry Leap model via Clove, Expansys and Unlocked Mobiles. Clove and Expansys have similarly priced the smartphone at around £215 ($320), while Unlock Mobiles is offering the device for £205.

Those who wish to order the device, will have to be patient as the smartphone will only be available in late April. Clove has revealed that stocks of the device will be available by end April, while Unlocked Mobiles has confirmed that the new BlackBerry smartphone will hit ...

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