Why I Didn't Switch to the BlackBerry Passport

I was an early adopter of the Z10. The first day it was available on T-Mobile in the US, I called our rep and had it sent over-night. I worked through all the updates and leaks. I kept up on the upcoming changes for future OS improvements, and I was super excited for BlackBerry’s resurgence.

The resurgence was not exactly a rocketship experience. Perhaps it was among the BlackBerry faithful, but not among the masses. I, however, was absolutely ecstatic using my Z10, even when ...

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Wishful Thinking: BlackBerry Devices In 2015

For all of us BlackBerry addicts, this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has been an exciting time. John Chen, CEO, showed off BlackBerry's 2015 road map at the event, announcing many software innovations and new partnerships. We heard a lot of rumours regarding what we would get to see - the much-talked-about BlackBerry Rio (now formally announced as the Leap) and a mysterious slider, are the most talked about devices. The Porsche Design 'Keian' and a yet-undisclosed fourth device to sport a physical ...

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BBCentral's App Picks Of The Week

Welcome to BBCentral's App Picks Of The Week!

Each week, we'll let you know all about our top 5 favourite BlackBerry 10 apps, and how to get them. 

Have an app you'd like to suggest? Are you an app developer and would like to see your app here? Drop us a comment below and let us know what apps we should check out next!

This week, we're taking a look at:

  • Flipp
  • Business Cards
  • Tilt Now
  • The Sandbox
  • iGrann


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Vodafone Confirms They Will Stock The BlackBerry Leap

Vodafone has became the second UK operator to confirm that it will stock the BlackBerry Leap when it goes on sale in April.

It joins EE in confirming availability with both confirming that the all touchscreen device, launched at Mobile World Congress last week, would be available to business customers only. The handset will be priced at $275 (£182).

The BlackBerry Leap has a five-inch HD display, 8MP camera, 16GB of storage, 2GB RAM and a 2800mAh battery life.

The device is being marketed at ...

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The Bait, Hook and Switch


At the beginning of Mobile World Congress (MWC) John Chen and BlackBerry made an announcement which somewhat shocked the BlackBerry community: they quietly announced that some of the coveted native BlackBerry applications are coming to the major platforms. Known as BlackBerry Suites, the apps are broken into three different segments: Productivity, Communication and Security. However, this should not have come as a surprise to many of us. Why? Well let’s go back to just a few months ago in January when John Chen wrote ...

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Hillary Clinton Action Figure Features A BlackBerry In Her Hand

A Connecticut company is releasing a Hillary Clinton action figure after she recently made headlines while under scrutiny for using her personal email to communicate when she served as secretary of state. Hillary has been known to be a long-time BlackBerry supporter, and is currently a speculated 2016 presidential candidate.

Oxford-based Herobuilders, known for making dolls based on the latest trending news and events, has developed a "BlackBerry toting" Hillary Clinton doll, the company announced through its mailing list. The "all new Hillary email action ...

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Workshop: Creating with QNX and Qt

When BlackBerry started building the new generation of BlackBerry back in 2012, few knew what QNX was in relation to BlackBerry. Today, many know what it does, and even more folks now know what it is. However, very little is known about how it works on a public level. When BlackBerry acquired QNX back in April 2010, they closed out the system entirely with no access to the source code. Same is the case with the Qt application framework. Many BlackBerry fans did not know ...

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How to Get Flash Back On The BlackBerry Browser

Missing Flash support in the BlackBerry Browser with OS 10.3.1?


Before we begin, please be advised this is a guideline only. You must exercise caution while performing all actions. Always backup of your device first. BlackBerryCentral will not be responsible for any failure / damage that may be caused to your device during the process.

As you may know, BlackBerry aligned themsleves to the direction the industry has taken, by embracing HTML5 and removing Adobe Flash support in OS 10.3.1. Thankfully ...

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