FX Rates now supports the BlackBerry Classic and BlackBerry Passport

S4BB Limited has just released an update for their popular FX Rates app for foreign currency exchange conversion. FX Rates now supports the trackpad of the BlackBerry Classic. At the same time it caters for the larger screen on the BlackBerry Passport and can handle swipe inputs from the touch-sensitive keyboard of the BlackBerry Passport.

Currency exchange rates tool. Saves you the hassle of going to the internet just to find out the exchange rates. 

All the exchange rates are stored locally on you ...

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BES12 Supports Google’s Android for Work, as BlackBerry EMM Goes Even More Cross-Platform

BlackBerry today announced that it will be joining the Android for Work program with Google. This will enable our cross-platform enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution, BES12, to manage Android Lollipop devices equipped with advanced security features to separate business and personal data and applications.

Backed by BES12, Android for Work creates a secure, dedicated profile for business data and applications. The BES12 solution will seamlessly integrate with the Android OS to enable platform-level containerization. This will eliminate the need for application wrapping, while providing ...

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SmartList10 By AgeTDev

Team AgeTDev has recently release their latest app, SmartList10 - a utility app that aims to keep you organized.

With SmartList10, the AgeTDev team brings you a more efficient method to composing lists of everyday tasks. More efficient and convenient than creating them on paper, this app is definitely worth checking out.

Here are some of the features we liked:


On using the SmartDetection mode, you realize how apps for smartphones really should be. Turn it on and type the items like you do on paper ...

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Got Your Device From ShopBlackBerry or Amazon and Still Didn't Get The 10.3.1 Update?

Throughout the last days, we've been receiving comments from some of you who purchased your BlackBerry 10 device through either ShopBlackBerry or Amazon, but still haven't received the update for 10.3.1.

Michael Clewley tweeted a quick workaround:

  1. Power off your device
  2. Remove the SIM card 
  3. Power on your device and connect to a WiFi network
  4. Check for available OS update
  5. Update the device if available
  6. Power off your device, insert the SIM card and power back on

Give that a try and ...

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Imagining A BlackBerry Smartwatch

It's been a while since I released a concept, so I thought I'd show everyone a watch design from September of 2014.

I don't exactly have a name for it like I usually would - so I'll let you coin it. (Comment below a name, and the most up-voted one will get an extra ticket for our launch contest)



When I designed the watch, the premise was to base it off of everyone's favourite BlackBerry shape - the squircle.  ...

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What Can BlackBerry Teach Us About Identity?

An identity crisis is something we’ve all experienced at least once in our lives; trying to find a place where we fit amongst our peers and in the world, not knowing what the future holds or what direction we need to go next. Interestingly, companies and brands can also experience such a crisis. They can even experience extreme or embarrassing “phases”, though they don’t usually involve baggy clothes and weird haircuts. With big shifts in markets, competition, technology and the needs of consumers, businesses of ...

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BlackBerry Classic Available This Thursday On The Verizon Wireless Network

BlackBerry Classic Will Be Available Feb. 26 on the Verizon Wireless Network,

The BlackBerry Classic will be available online starting Feb. 26 and in Verizon Wireless stores on March 5 for $99.99 with new two-year activation after $50 mail-in rebate debit card (takes up to 6 weeks and expires in 12 months). Verizon Edge is also available for eligible customers.


The BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry loyalists and keyboard fans will feel right at home with the new BlackBerry Classic. The familiar design and ...

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Search for Jumia NIGERIA Launched on BlackBerry World
S4BB Limited has just released Search for Jumia NIGERIA - a mobile app that makes it very easy to browse the Jumia catalog of products and order them from your BlackBerry 10 device without the need for a desktop computer. Especially in Nigeria where mobile is more important than desktop computers, having Search for Jumia makes a lot of sense! By integrating into the BlackBerry Assistant / Universal Device Search it is now possible to search for your favorite products right from the BlackBerry home screen.

Get ...
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