The App Neutrality Debate

Earlier I discussed how I believe that John Chen plans on bringing people back to the devices by allowing for the bulk of BlackBerry Apps to be available cross-platform. The precursor was his open letter and stating that he believed that apps should be a part of the net neutrality debate – so for the time being let’s refer to this as app neutrality. App neutrality is essentially the idea of forcing all apps to be available on all platforms. In order to get a ...

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Webcast: Everything You Need to Know About BES12.1

BES12.1 is the newest release of BES12, a cross-platform EMM solution by BlackBerry® that lets you manage enterprise mobility across iOS, Android™, Windows Phone®, Samsung KNOX and BlackBerry® devices. Built on BlackBerry’s trusted, global network, BES12.1 makes managing enterprise mobility efficient and secure. BES12.1 introduces a new, scalable architecture and streamlined user experience that consolidates enterprise mobility management (EMM) control in a single, powerful console. The new attribute-driven, endpoint-permissions mode provides strict control of devices, applications and data, by-person or by-group, more ...

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Kloudmix - Native Mixcloud Client for BlackBerry 10 Released On BlackBerry World

Today Brandon Orr, the developer of PinGuin and BeeCount, has released the first Native client for BlackBerry 10 called Kloudmix.

Kloudmix has been in development in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for the past few months and is built-completely in native cascades, allows users to login to their account, favourite mixes, follow other cloudcasters, as well as upload their own mixes to the service. Further adding to this functionality is the app’s integration with the BlackBerry 10 OS system’s NowPlaying toast, music control shortcuts ...

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Rumour Roundup

Welcome to BlackBerryCentral's Rumour Roundup!

Each Tuesday, we'll bring you the most interesting rumours in the BlackBerry community and let you know if there's any real supporting evidence. Devices, OS's, and more hot topics - it's your one-stop post to get the latest rumours.


BlackBerry and T-Mobile in talks


Community Speculation, Twitter, Forums


Since T-Mobile released some less-than-kind marketing aimed at BlackBerry users, there has been a lot of speculation regarding which direction their relationship was heading ...

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BlackBerry and T-Mobile: Torn Ties or Possible Partners?

It’s certainly no secret that the way things ended between T-Mobile and BlackBerry wasn’t cheerful or even amiable. From my outside perspective, they made a bad marketing move and John Chen did what he had to in order to protect his brand. Yet, back in the early days of RIM becoming the mass device of choice, T-Mobile was a huge supporter - and I've been with them since my first BlackBerry, the Pearl 8100.

I’ve had to separate my feelings for the two companies, like an in ...

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OS Links Now Available: Here's How To Upgrade

Another new version of OS 10.3.1 has popped up today, and as we all know, an over the air (OTA) upgrade availability is subject to carrier certification and approval. So what if you’re not interested in waiting?

Rest assured we’re here to help. Here is a method which enables you to update your device to the latest version.


Before we begin, please be advised this is a guideline only. You must exercise caution while performing all actions. Always backup of your device ...

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BlackBerry Care Protection Plan Helps You Prepare for the Unexpected

How many times have I been working from my BlackBerry Passport with my standard Diet Coke or obligatory 1 of 8 glasses of water close by? Too many to count. Thankfully for me, the two (potentially harmful) liquids have never met my device, but I know many who haven’t been as lucky.

Enter the BlackBerry Care Protection Plan

BB protection devices

As their name suggests, mobile professionals are always on-the-go. Smartphones are essential tools for communication, collaboration and productivity. Whether it’s a simple liquid spill while burning the ...

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BlackBerryCentral Podcast Episode #2

Join us for the BlackBerryCentral podcast episode 2!

Today, we're going to be talking about SecuTABLET, Lawsuits, Canso Investment, Q&A with Lloyd Summers, BlackBerry Glide, and more!

Joining us is Special Guest Lloyd Summers, who rebuilt flash into a BlackBerry 10 browser, and community guest member Tasti Seid!




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Drop us a comment during the show, and we'll do our ...

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