HD BlackBerry Passport Photo Gallery

At BlackBerryCentral, we're constantly looking for ways to improve our site. Today, we're introducing a (Beta) Gallery section - where you can check out a selection of FREE BlackBerryCentral Wallpapers, Device Images, and photos from community members!

Be sure to check back constantly, as we'll be uploading new images throughout the week!

So, to introduce our new Gallery site function to you, we thought it would be fitting to have our resident photographer David Lindahl shoot a gallery of the Design Award winning BlackBerry ...

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MWC: Here's What We're Expecting
The Mobile World Congress is the trade show which shows off what a particular year will look like in the mobile space; many companies such as hardware vendors, content providers, carriers, tech companies and so more take part in this exibition.
We would have a detail write up for the MWC 2015 later; however we wanted to share some details of what we're expecting from BlackBerry this year at MWC
Last year, BlackBerry launched quite a few things - BES12, EZ Pass, new ...
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100 Copies Of Whine For BlackBerryCentral Readers!

Bojan Komljenović has hooked BlackBerryCentral readers up with 100 copies of Whine!

What is Whine?

Whine is more than a Vine viewer, you can record and upload your vines. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see. Post videos on Vine, then share to Twitter, Facebook, BBM or other social networks!

If you recall our first round of app picks, this is our founder's favourite BlackBerry 10 app!


  • Watch Vines
  • Share and Invite ...
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BlackBerry's Aspirations in the Enterprise Space

 What are BlackBerry's aspirations in the Enterprise Space?

  • Does BlackBerry intend to provide unique and innovative services that other solution providers don't, or where others do them poorly?
  • Will BlackBerry partner with ‎market leaders?
  • Does BlackBerry have anything up their sleeves?


These questions came to mind while I was meeting with Microsoft to evaluate Microsoft's Skype for Business which is launching in the first half of 2015. What's Skype for Business you ask?
  • Microsoft has re-branded its Unified Communications ...
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Japan: The Next Frontier?

First off, let’s take a quick trip down cellphone memory lane… initially were those massive bag phones which were typically found in cars, then came the larger Motorolas with the extendable antenna and flip down microphone. Generally, as cellphone evolved in the early days they became smaller and smaller. Perhaps one of the best moves was the flip phone. The type where half of it folded down onto the other half. I remember my first flip phone, it was an LG during my university years, and ...

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Follow Mail Updated To v2.0

Emberify has just updated ‘Follow Mail’ to version 2.0 with a new adaptive theme.

Follow Mail offers follow ups, custom notifications and fast read for email - and it works complimentary to the hub. The new adaptive theme automatically changes the app theme according to the environmental lighting. Follow Mail can now detect you are indoor in a dark room and automatically switch to a dark user interface. When entering a lighter environment, Follow Mail will then intelligently switch to Light theme.

New in version ...

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Revisiting The OEM Hard Shell Case For BlackBerry Passport

So you acquired a BlackBerry Passport, a rather expensive device, and now you’d like to pick up a case that will protect your investment.

If you’re like me, and using your Passport heavily and constantly - the OEM BlackBerry hard shell case is a viable option for you. You've probably seen this case at one time or another. After all, it did debut alongside the Passport in September.

Revisiting A Great Case

I looked for a case which was relatively thin, that would enable me ...

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AT&T BlackBerry Passport and Classic Now Available

The day is finally here for AT&T, as the BlackBerry Passport and Classic are now available for purchase in the US. You can purchase either of these devices online, or check the availability at your local stores.

The BlackBerry Passport is available for $0 down on an AT&T Next plan at $21.67 per month with AT&T Next 24, $27.09 with AT&T Next 183 or $32.50 per month with AT&T Next 12. You can also get the smartphone for $199.99 with a ...

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