Device Comparsion: DTEK50 vs the PRIV

As I am sure by now you have heard that BlackBerry has announced their latest BlackBerry Android device the DTEK50. Whilst it would be simple for me to do a quick article about the device and its specs, I figured that that would be too simple and not good enough for BlackBerryCentral’s readers. So instead I will compare the DTEK50 against the PRIV so that you can educate yourself on which device is best for you. So, I’ll be looking at the hardware specs and ...

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BBM Listed as a Battery Draining App

Do you find yourself like many with having poor battery life? Personally, my PRIV’s battery life is ok – it’s no Passport that’s for sure – but my main issue is overheating. Nonetheless a recent article by CBS News states that BBM actually may to be partially to blame.

The article titled, Beware: “These Android apps will drain your phone's battery” lists the top 10 apps which are the biggest culprits for battery drain on Android devices.  BBM came in at ...

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Rumour Roundup

Welcome to BlackBerryCentral's Rumour Roundup!

Each Tuesday, we'll bring you the most interesting rumours in the BlackBerry community and let you know if there's any real supporting evidence. Devices, OS's, and more hot topics - it's your one-stop post to get the latest rumours.


Neon / Mercury Update?


Twitter, Email


These two devices are constantly asked about. Well, Neon is on its way out the doors for next month if rumour is to believed - though we'll get the ...

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United States Coast Guard Chooses BlackBerry Software For Alert Warning System Expansion

BlackBerry announced today that its AtHoc division has expanded its relationship with the United States Coast Guard, extending the capabilities and functionality of the Coast Guard’s award-winning Alert Warning System (AWS) 2.0 to include alerting for staff members in the National Capitol Region.

This addition to AtHoc’s existing support for the Coast Guard’s AWS enables more than 3,800 individuals to receive and respond to emergency alerts on their computers. This functionality is in addition to the system’s existing ability to reach personnel via telephone ...

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BlackBerry Software Selected For U.S. Senate Crisis Communications On Capitol Hill

BlackBerry announced today that they've been granted a multi-million dollar contract to bring AtHoc crisis communications software to power the Sergeant at Arms’ Joint Emergency Mass Notification Systems (JEMNS) over five years. With full spectrum enterprise level alerting and accountability, JEMNS powered by AtHoc provides secure notification and communications in times of crisis for as many as 50,000 individuals working and visiting the US Capitol Complex.

“It’s critical for the nation’s political epicenter to be prepared with a unified communications system to swiftly ...

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BlackBerry & Appdome Partner To Enable Codeless Integration For Mobile Application Developers and Users

BlackBerry today announced the availability of AppDome's AppFusion service for the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform. With AppDome, applications can take advantage of Good Dynamics´ specific secure workflow for enterprise apps without the need for developers to access the source code.

“In partnering with AppDome, we are expanding flexibility and enabling new features by making it easier for customers to easily integrate, use, protect and manage their enterprise apps on Good Dynamics,” - Billy Ho, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Product and Value Added Solutions ...

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Mobile Security Research Uncovers Gap Between Perception & Reality Of Vulnerabilities

A new global research initiative conducted by BlackBerry finds that despite extensive resources dedicated to mobile security, many IT decision-makers remain concerned about the level of vulnerabilities that persist. The study surveyed 1,000 executives from seven countries across a wide range of vertical industries, including financial services, government and healthcare.

Main Points:

• 86 percent of executives still worry about potential hacks
• Half say they will experience more security breaches through mobile devices
• 44 percent fear security will prevent employees from being productive ...

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Symphony Secure Collaboration Service Now Available On The Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform From BlackBerry

More news hot out of BlackBerry's Security Summit taking place in New York, USA: BlackBerry & Symphony Communication Services, LLC, the secure collaboration and workflow technology company announced the availability of Symphony’s iOS app on the Good Dynamics marketplace.

“With the support of Symphony’s collaboration solution, we are expanding the portfolio of third-party business applications for Good Dynamics and supplementing our overall EMM strategy,” said Billy Ho, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Product and Value Added Solutions, BlackBerry. “These applications help to grow our enterprise ...

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