Announcing The BlackBerryCentral Launch Contest Winners!

The BlackBerryCentral team wants to say a huge thanks to everyone who entered into the BlackBerryCentral + PhantomGlass Launch Contest!

If you didn't win this time -- don't sweat it! We'll have plenty more contests in the coming weeks!

Check for your username below to see if you've won:

  • obruno7
  • Moegh
  • robluck82
  • _erickherras_
  • duke

Here's what they've won:

  • 1 Phantom Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protector for your BlackBerry 10 device ($34.99 Value)
  • 1 BlackBerryCentral Sticker
  • 1 Spark Sticker
  • 1 Voucher For ...
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BBM Update: Custom PINs, Android Wear and More

BlackBerry has announced today at the Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, Spain) the arrival of new customization options for BBM (or BBM v2.7). The update should be pushed to all BlackBerry 10 devices tomorrow, March 2.

BBM 2.7 New features include:

  • Custom BBM PINs - a subscription based feature. Custom PINs will allow you to create your own unique PIN, thus making it much easier to remember and distrbute. Custom (Vanity) PINs subscription will go for $1.99 per month and can be purchased directly ...
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Introducing the Cross-Platform BlackBerry Experience Suite

As we’ve already done with BBMBlackBerry BlendBES, and many other cross-platform solutions (see above), we want to empower all mobile professionals in order to supercharge their productivity and allow them to work across all their devices in an effortless and secure way.

In line with our software and services vision, the BlackBerry Experience Suite is a major company-wide initiative. It extends BlackBerry’s successful cross-platform strategy of complementing the company’s innovative and ultra-secure hardware with software solutions – think BlackBerry Hub, aka ...

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BlackBerryCentral Podcast Episode #1

Join us for the first BlackBerryCentral podcast!

Today, we're going to be talking about Android for Work, US Carriers, The 10.3.1 Release, MWC, Detwiler & Fenton, Snap v3 Beta, and answering your questions. We'll also announce the winners of the BlackBerryCentral + PhantomGlass Contest!

Joining us is Special Guest Jim Muir, the creator of Snap - a widely popular Google Play Client for BlackBerry 10, and community guest member Khalid Osman!



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Interesting Patents

BlackBerry is constantly innovating. When it comes to patents, it has been said that BlackBerry is sitting on a goldmine, and that's where the bulk of the company's value is. It currently holds over 7000 active US patents (over 44000 patents worldwide) and the number is increasing steadily every year. Despite the hardships, BlackBerry is never short on new ideas.

Looking through their portfolio, you can get a glimpse of what they are up to, and what direction they might be going. I dove ...

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Announcing The BlackBerryCentral Podcast!

You asked, and we listened. Today, we're announcing the BlackBerryCentral podcast!

Each week, select members of the BBCentral team will gather for a BlackBerry related podcast to discuss relevant and interesting news. We've been working diligently to bring you a high-quality, organized event.

Here's the details:

  • The podcast will take place each Sunday, at 1:30 PM (EST)
  • Each week, we'll have a new guest from the BlackBerry community
  • Each week, we'll invite a lucky reader to participate as-well
  • The ...
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Quick Guide: How to Install Snap on Your BlackBerry 10 Device

What is Snap?

Snap is a Google Play Client. Which means it has access to Google Play's content, but is not developed by Google. As well, this app is not approved by BlackBerry, which simply means you cannot download and install it from BlackBerry World. Instead you will have to "sideload" it. But don't worry, just because BlackBerry hasn't approved the app does not mean they will make your phone explode, stop working or disappear.


Before we begin, please be advised ...

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BlackBerry Has A 30% Market Share in Venezuela

With a miniscule market share in most countries, BlackBerry usually doesn't show up on the radar. What you normally see is Android and iOS numbers one and two respectively. But in Venezuela, the top two spots belong to Android (39.2%) and BlackBerry (30.92%). This is possible because in the country, iOS has only 4.1% of the market, and the 'others' category accounts for 19.8%. The latter group consists largely of Firefox OS and Symbian users.

Overall, the country boasts a ...

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