How QNX Has Impacted the Automotive industry

QNX is seemingly everywhere right now - if you know where to look. The ubiquitous yet largely unknown software can be found deep inside things from slot machines, to nuclear reactors. However, most of the attention and accolades that QNX has been getting over the past decade has been because of their work in the auto industry.

QNX has been around since 1982 but it wasn’t until they began working in automobiles in 2001 that they really started getting noticed. They caught the attention of Harman ...

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BlackBerry and The Indian Government

BlackBerry is already entrenched in the government space – so much so that it is arguably the single largest account type in the regulated industries the company operates in. Barrack Obama, David Cameron, and Angela Merkel are some of the most noted BlackBerry users in the government space. According to BlackBerry themselves, 16 of the G20 governments use (trust would be marketing buzzword) BlackBerry, including the Pentagon and the German government. There are celebrities that use this phone and then there are some others who ...

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The Art of Transitioning

I am a pretty busy guy, as I am sure many of you are as well. My BlackBerry (I carry a Z30 with me wherever I go) continues to play a big part in me getting things done…and done well. Let me tell you how that goes.

My life requires that I juggle the responsibilities of being the dad of four active kids, ages 7-14, and meeting the multiple demands of my day-to-day job. Amongst the compliance and accreditation duties, the budget planning, and the ...

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BBCentral's App Picks Of The Week

Welcome to the inagural BBCentral's App Picks Of The Week!

Each week, we'll let you know all about our top 5 favourite BlackBerry 10 apps, and how to get them. 

Have an app you'd like to suggest? Are you an app developer and would like to see your app here? Drop us a comment below and let us know what apps we should check out next!

This week, we're taking a look at:

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