The Argument for the DTEK60

Today I did something which many expected and some others wondered what took me so long to do – I ordered my DTEK60 from I’ve been interested in the DTEK60 since the rumours started to flow around for some time.  Finally, a top-tier spec’d all touch BlackBerry Android device, something to bring me back to my Z30 days – a device which remains to be my all-time favourite.  However, this decision to buy a BlackBerry device was much different than any ...

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UPDATED: Join the 22 Push Up Challenge

Since joining here at BlackBerryCentral I have tried to keep what I do in life away from my posts, podcasts, etc. However, today I will let you all know what that is, I am a Major in the Canadian Army. Today’s post is not completely BlackBerry related but will be at the end. 

Currently, there is a social media campaign ongoing regarding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Named the “22 Push-up Challenge,” the goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of the disorder. The ...

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Free BBM

Just recently BlackBerry announced BlackBerry Hub+ for all Android smartphones, be sure to check out our article if you haven’t already done so.

The app allows users to install BlackBerry Hub, Calendar and Password keeper on their device and for a 30-day period. It is exactly the same as BlackBerry Android devices in terms of features and functions of the given apps. However, after the 30-day period users will have to pay $0.99 per month or have ads appear in their BlackBerry apps. This ...

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A Bold Proposal: A Digital Disconnection [Part II]

ICYMI, I recently decided to go all in with a Bold 9900, a semi-smartphone of yesteryear. A move inspired by a few other tech bloggers and a micro niche of users who, for whatever reason, have clung to the remarkable Bold 9900, BlackBerry’s flagship phone of 2011. This journey back was a challenging one for me, as an avid user and self-professed lover of smartphones, and really all things technology. But that was the point (to sum up my article), to digitally disconnect from ...

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BBRY Q1FY2017 Review

Yesterday BlackBerry announced its Q1FY2017 results. First off, my apologies on getting this article to you a bit late. Yesterday was a busy work/life/family day for me and I just could not find the time to sit down with a cup of coffee (how I do most of my writing), crunch the numbers and throw words at the computer screen. I do try to keep on top of these things for you all but it just was not in the cards yesterday for ...

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Why BlackBerry Needs Rome & Hamburg

With allegations coming from AT&T about a trend in returns of Priv handsets, it leaves BlackBerry's next two handsets in question - will they succeed in a consumer market?

For example, the Hamburg is likely the most asked about in this regard. Is releasing an all-touch device in a saturated market the smartest idea? The smartphone market currently holds an estimated 2 Billion people who own a cellphone in 2016 with nearly 250 million of this number in North America (behind China and India). The Hamburg ...

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A Bold Proposal: An Intentional Digital Disconnection

I've decided to take a step forward, or as some would see it, a step backward. Back to a simpler time. I am going to ditch my uber-connected smartphone along with an always-on mentality that keeps an unprecedented amount of information and control at my fingertips. Instead I will replace my mobile device (currently the BlackBerry PRIV) with what some would seemingly believe to be a dumb-phone. A phone that is not connected to my car via CarPlay, nor both my wrists on which ...

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Welcome to BlackBerryCentral’s #ThrowbackThursday!

Each Thursday the BlackBerryCentral team will go back in the BlackBerry Chronicles to give you a glimpse of nostalgia. This will include device launches and announcements that made BlackBerry a household name and a superstar status.

Seeing how yesterday I wrote on how the BlackBerry 6210 was named the 24thMost Influential Gadget of All Time” by TIME Magazine. There was no doubt what should be featured in today’s #ThrowbackThursday; the 6210 but of course.

The BlackBerry 6210 ...

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