BBM Migrating from On-Site Data Centres in Canada to Google Cloud in Asia

This month, Pythian, a global IT services company that helps businesses adopt technologies to better compete, announced that Creative Media Works (operating as BBM Messenger) has selected them to help move their IT infrastructure for Consumer BBM from BlackBerry on-premise data centers in Ontario Canada to the Google Cloud Platform in Asia.

While some will react cautiously, the direction of cloud migration has become more common that it was even just a few years ago. The move is intended to accommodate the key-markets requirements after a "significant" increase in media ...

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BlackBerry Announces Q1 Fiscal 2018

"Our financial foundation is solid," - JOHN CHEN

BlackBerry announced not only non-GAAP profitability for the third consecutive quarter; but also growth in emerging markets with their release of their 2018 first quarter results this morning. They're also expecting to be profitable on a non-GAAP basis and generate positive cash flow for the full year (excluding the benefit of the Qualcomm arbitration award).

You can watch a replay of the webcast by visiting BlackBerry's Investor Portal here.

Q 1  H I G H L ...

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What is The BlackBerry KRYPTON?

The KEYone hasn't been on the consumer market for very long, but we're already hearing rumours that the next device is currently pushing for release.

According to MMS configuration files discovered online, the BBD100-1 should be TCL's next swing at the BlackBerry. If accurate; it's an all-touch device packing a 1920x1080p display and a Snapdragon 625 or 626 processor. Taking the rumour further is CrackBerry forums member EndlessChatter who says the device also packs a 4,000mAh battery, 4GB of RAM, a "Home" button that ...

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Collaborate Smarter with The Latest Updates to BlackBerry’s Productivity Applications

Back in December of 2016, BlackBerry announced a new platform for their Enterprise Of Things approach to the business world. This new mobility platform was to be the driving foundation for a unified experience as companies move to secure communications and productivity in the new age of technology and connectivity. With the announcement, BlackBerry released a few esentially rebranded productivity applications:

  • BlackBerry Work (formerly Good Work) – Offers a secure, intuitive and integrated collaboration experience. It combines email, calendar, contacts, presence, document access, document editing and more ...
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Where To Buy Your BlackBerry KEYone

The BlackBerry KEYone finally is finally available for purchase at retailers in Canada and the US starting today. After a short wait, the worlds Most Secure Android Smartphone can ultimately be yours by visiting one of the vendors listed below.

The BlackBerry KEYone is our favourite device right now. It has a remarkable design, unique features, amazing camera, stellar battery life; plus all the features and software you could ever need to stay productiive and connected. A textured back, incredible craftsmanship by means of a CNC machined ...

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BlackBerry Signs Deal with Allied World Assurance Company

Sometimes brands need to remember where they came from in order to accelerate. This seems to be the story of BlackBerry. In the words of Chief Executive, John Chen, BlackBerry has gone “back to its roots”; as per the Financial Times. The company is focused on security software, servers and productivity tools.

A shift back to security and software seems wise as the theme of cyber security threats for unprotected smartphones intensifies. Governments rely heavily on the BlackBerry technology and all G7 countries use the ...

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BlackBerry Wins Settlement Against Qualcomm

BlackBerry announced today that it has won an arbitration hearing between it and chipset manufacturer Qualcomm.  This stems from the royalty fees paid to Qualcomm by BlackBerry for the use of its various chipsets in various BlackBerry devices.  On 20 April 2016, both sides agreed to arbitrate the dispute and between 27 February and 3 March 2017 the hearing was held. 

The announcement states that the arbitrator dictated approximately $815 million was the settlement.  Which equates to approximately $1.38 per fully ...

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BlackBerry Officially Joins Vulnerable Persons Project

In late January, the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake chiefs met with business leaders from BlackBerry, Forrest Green RMC, SAS Canada as well as Cree leaders, members of various Kahnawake organizations and a few more. Talks were focused on creating a database to prevent or help solve missing persons cases, relative to the Vulnerable Persons Initiative.

"First Nations communities across Canada struggle to solve cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women so one of the motivations for such a project is the ability for said communities to ...

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