Success! Solar Impulse 2 Completes Trans-Pacific Flight

Originally Posted On QNXAuto Blogs:

Imagine you are piloting a plane the size of a 747. But unlike a 747, this plane has an unheated, unpressurized cockpit in which temperatures fall as low -40°. Moreover, you have to fly for over 60 hours straight, without ever getting up to stretch. And as for sleep, don’t count on getting much. You can take naps, but only about 6 a day, each lasting 20 minutes. 

Sound like your kind of challenge? If so, you should sign ...

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A Low-Down Look At The QNX Concept Cars

The QNX Auto Blog is one of the coolest spots to stay up to date with BlackBerry's subsidiary and all that they're doing to improve and secure the automitive industry.

Paul Leroux is one of the most familiar faces, having been with QNX since 1989 - and he's constantly writing for the Auto Blog. In September, A Low-Down Look At The QNX Concept Cars was published, although it went pretty unrecognized by BlackBerry fan / news sites:

It’s that time of year again. The ...

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