Christian Ziegenr├╝cker
Z10LE, DAC, Z30, Q10, Passport, Classic, Z3
Playbook 16GB

Christian is a long time software developer with more then 10 years of experience in web development. He fell in love with BlackBerry back in 2010 when purchasing his Storm 9500 on a trip to London.

When BlackBerry 10 was announced to developers he took the chance to participate in a BlackBerry Jam Event in Germany, where he is currently residing. At the Jam Event he received his Dev Alpha A and lost his heart too it and the upcoming BlackBerry 10. He started digging into mobile development for the BB10 platform and participated in Hackathons and different Development Groups around the world.

Christian is a hard working guy who dedicates a lot of his heart and soul too the app he creates to deliver an outstanding experience to the users. If you want to get in touch with him he is always available for a chat on Twitter @splatterb0y