Patricia Stathi
Toronto, ON

I have many passions in life. Lying on a beautiful beach, thinking business and discussing the arts are at the forefront.

My Blackberry has been a part of my lifestyle since smartphones became available. Being a curious individual I made sure to buy an iPhone too; just to convince myself I am using the best product. I concluded that my Blackberry Passport; white and elegant, is the one phone I cannot part with.

The keyboard is essential when you have long emails to write, the OS is top of the line in security for a piece of mind, and I can focus on what’s important without distracting myself on Apps. The Blackberry experience is catered to busy professionals who use their phones to do their jobs. Time is of the essence!  

I am a Content Marketer who encourages brands to adopt “Truth in Advertising”. Blackberry’s message is Productivity, and I can personally advocate for that truth.

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