The Argument for the DTEK60

Today I did something which many expected and some others wondered what took me so long to do – I ordered my DTEK60 from I’ve been interested in the DTEK60 since the rumours started to flow around for some time.  Finally, a top-tier spec’d all touch BlackBerry Android device, something to bring me back to my Z30 days – a device which remains to be my all-time favourite.  However, this decision to buy a BlackBerry device was much different than any other. I actually found myself having to convince myself that the DTEK60 was actually the right one for me.

With so many great options out there, I was torn between the company which I have followed for so long and others which now I could go ahead and try out. Devices such as the OnePlus 3, Google Pixel XL and Samsung S7 were calling to me. This literally became the most difficult phone buying decision which I have made to date.  To better understand where I am coming from let’s have a quick look at my purchasing history:

  • Bold 9700. My first smartphone, much cheaper than iPhone and not locked down like Apple’s iOS, I was sold quickly and easily.
  • Torch 9810. Whilst waiting for BlackBerry 10 to launch I needed an upgrade as my 9700 was no longer cutting it. I picked this one up off of Kijiji for cheap.
  • Z10. BlackBerry 10, need I say more?
  • Z30. The Z10’s battery life was killing me, as well I knew someone on the inside and I was able to get a deal through the employee purchasing program.
  • Passport. Rogers basically threw me a deal I couldn’t refuse. A large discount on the Passport along with a new plan which was better than my old one and it was Christmas time. Hello odd shaped phone!
  • Priv. After getting one for my wife and reading the writing on the wall for BlackBerry’s direction I made the jump to BlackBerry Android. I found this Priv on Kijiji for a good price and decided to grab it and go.

As you can see there’s a consistent theme with all my purchases, price.  I’m a very price conscious consumer but yet want some of the latest tech. I know, it is a combination which is hard to achieve.  Before I dive into the meat of the article, maybe I should explain why it is time to move on from the Priv.  You have all heard me numerous times complain about the heating issues which I experience, so let’s just table that issue for now. Next is performance. I find my Priv has become sluggish as of late and honestly I’m not happy with that. Frankly, I am not an app-centric person, I could almost survive on BlackBerry 10 but my Priv has bogged down quite a bit as of late. Sure, I could wipe it but in my mind this should not happen in the first place. As well, there is the issue of the physical keyboard… I loathe it. It has been the worst physical keyboard experience in my mind, hands down. I just don’t use it anymore and it annoys me that this “key” feature is something I just cannot stand. So, it is time for a change. But like many BlackBerry users are asking themselves now, to what?

I found myself in a vortex, I wanted something new but now that I am in the Android space I could try anything because… well… why not? I have spent weeks (yes before the DTEK60 launched) researching flag ship phones and found myself gravitating to the following devices: OnePlus 3, Google Pixel XL, Samsung S7 and finally the DTEK60. It wasn’t enough for me to say, “that’s it, I’m going to try something new.” No, I needed to analyze each of them and weigh them out individually, since that’s how my brain works. So, ladies and gentlemen, this is how I got to the DTEK60, I apologise but you are getting a crash course in the workings of Scott McCarthy’s mind.

OnePlus 3

First off, wow what a great device spec-wise for it’s price.  Out of the gate at $519 CAD it appears to be much cheaper than the DTEK60.  However, I needed to compare “apples to apples.” So, when you add a case and an additional rapid charger to compare it to the DTEK60 package the price is approximately $600 CAD, which is just $50 less than the DTEK60. Sure, you get the additional 2GB of RAM, which is a lot mind you. However, in the end $50 is not a ton of money to me when making this type of purchase. So how did I rule out the OnePlus 3? Security updates. BlackBerry has a far better track record on device security and updates than OnePlus. This is an intangible factor which is important to me and when I compared that to the $50 difference, getting the updates was worth the extra cash in my mind. So maybe next time OnePlus but not today.

Google Pixel XL

Like the OnePlus 3, this is one incredible device from specs to the OS to the camera... wow. However, let’s keep in mind that it is Google’s FIRST device. Sure, there were the Nexus line but this is truly Google’s first shot at making a smartphone. There will be bugs just like the Priv, wait for it. Additionally, one of my biggest problems with iPhone is the price. Google has priced the Pixel much inline with the iPhone and  there in lies a problem for me. When I compared the two, I could get the DTEK60 for as much off contract than what I could get the Pixel for on contract. Finally, when my contract is done in April my cost will drop by $7 per month so if I got the DTEK60 that would be an additional savings of $361 over the course of owning it for two years (assuming I actually keep the device for that period of time).  AC/DC said it best, money talks and therefore bye bye Pixel.

Samsung S7

This was by far the hardest comparison to the DTEK60.  Samsung holds an ace in their back pocket for me, Sidesync.  Think of this as Blend on steroids and Blend was by far my favourite BlackBerry 10 feature. However, two things kept me from picking the S7. First off, I am not a fan of bloatware and Samsung has a ton of it. I enjoy the Priv’s clean Android OS with next to no additional apps stuck in it. It saves memory, increases performance and keeps me a happy customer.  The other is again price. Not as expensive as the Pixel, the S7 came in mid pack against the DTEK60, but was Sidesync really worth the extra cash, contract and bloatware to come with the S7? No, and therefore I said thanks but no thanks.

So, there you have it, I came to my conclusion rationally and decided to stay with BlackBerry. Will these arguments work for you? Only you can answer that but this is how BlackBerry kept a customer with me.  Will it be useful to attract new customers? Honestly, I doubt it but let’s hope it does. However, there is no doubt that the DTEK60 is getting headlines around the tech community with its high-specs and low price, will it be enough is the question which we will need to wait to be answered. 

Finally, one last factor which came into play for me. My wife (jokingly) said I could no longer write for a BlackBerry site if I didn’t use a BlackBerry device. Since I enjoy my time here at BlackBerryCentral, as they say: Happy wife…