AtHoc Wins Contact with Major University

Whilst the Hardware Division has not been making many headlines as of late, BlackBerry’s other divisons continue to conduct business and gain traction. Just a few days ago, AtHoc has announced yet another major contract; this time with Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. The university is a large one with a population of approximately 40,000 staff and students. Therefore, it is easy to understand why the campus leadership wanted a system which made the campus “incident-ready” in the event of an emergency.

“AtHoc’s Networked Crisis Communications Platform met all the university’s requirements,” said John Durbridge, Campus Security Manager - Property, Macquarie University. “We wanted to be crisis-ready and have a robust mass notification system in place. Although we approached several overseas and local companies, we were most impressed with AtHoc’s security credentials with the US Defense Force and the solution’s ability to tick all the boxes in our ‘wish list’. AtHoc’s solution was the obvious choice.”

Matthew Ball, Managing Director for BlackBerry in Australia and New Zealand, says, “As threats increase, we are seeing increasing appetite among organizations here and around the world to explore optimal ways to protect employees and the community as well as mitigate risk. Mobility is playing an increasingly vital role in ensuring effective real-time communications to keep people safe, and we are excited to see Macquarie University setting the standard for staff and student safety in Australia by being ‘incident-ready’ with AtHoc.”

This is just another success for AtHoc off of the heels of its January announcement where it released that the US’ Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) had selected AtHoc for its system. As well as the Department of Agriculture's announcement.  Continuing success in the other departments is what the Hardware Division needs right now, as they will allow the company to continue to post solid numbers while the company sorts out its hardware position. Just how well it is doing is just around the corner with the April 1st earnings call.