BlackBerry Announces New Partnership Program

If there's one thing BlackBerry has done well under John Chens' leadership; it's leveraging partnerships. The latest sees the company expanding its embedded software through a new partner program. Predominately aimed at pushing QNX, the Value-Added Integrator program will allow industry to tap into a worldwide network of QNX and Certicom technologies trained experts.

As part of the press-release BlackBerry had the following statement:

"The explosion of unsecured Internet of Things devices and embedded systems has presented a tremendous opportunity for security and software solutions. As such, we are experiencing strong demand for BlackBerry QNX embedded software and Certicom Elliptical Curve Cryptography-based security solutions," said John Wall, senior vice president and head of BlackBerry QNX. "Our new VAI program will enable us to reach broader markets and expand our channels of distribution for a wider range of embedded applications that demand highly reliable and secure software solutions."

Additionally, there were a number of statements from partners such as Archermind Technology, Mcloudware, Mission Embedded, and ThunderSoft. However, the statement from Micon Global personally stood out for me:

"Micon is excited for the opportunity to expand our technology services into the realm of secure manufacturing systems. Leveraging our expertise in secure supply chains and Certicom's security solutions, we can help semiconductor companies manage and secure their supply chain. From wafer manufacturing to packaging to final product production, Certicom's AMS can ensure device traceability and provenance - critical requirements for the evolving world of smart, trusted devices." - Tal Oren, CEO, Micon Global

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