BlackBerry Creates Cyber-Security Framework For Cars

Today, BlackBerry announced a new set of security framework that aims to safeguard connected and autonamous vehicles. The recommendations outline establishing a root of trust by ensuring every chip and electronic control unit (ECU) in the automobile can be properly authenticated and loaded with trusted software, no matter the manufacturer.

A similar root that BlackBerry devices take, coming with built-in BlackBerry-Integrity-Detection, which continuously monitors for events or configuration changes that could compromise the security of the device.

"Create a security architecture that is deeply layered in a defence in depth architecture, with secure hardware, software, and applications,"

"Leveraging our experience as a leader in cybersecurity and embedded automotive software, BlackBerry has created a recommended framework to protect cars from cybersecurity threats. If followed, we believe vehicles will not only be secure but BlackBerry Secure," - Sandeep Chennakeshu, President of BlackBerry Technology Solutions

We'll have to wait a few more weeks before BlackBerry / QNX reveal more; as they're expected to make their most pronounced CES appearance yet. Be sure to follow along, as CES hits Vegas January 9 through 12.

What do you make of this Security initiative? Will manufacturers adopt this framework and collaborate on patches / fixes?

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