BlackBerry Signs Deal with Allied World Assurance Company

Sometimes brands need to remember where they came from in order to accelerate. This seems to be the story of BlackBerry. In the words of Chief Executive, John Chen, BlackBerry has gone “back to its roots”; as per the Financial Times. The company is focused on security software, servers and productivity tools.

A shift back to security and software seems wise as the theme of cyber security threats for unprotected smartphones intensifies. Governments rely heavily on the BlackBerry technology and all G7 countries use the software. Corporate clients and office employees also make up a big part of the client base.

Currently, there are around 14 million BlackBerry users around the world. These users will use handsets manufactured by third party phone-makers licensed by BlackBerry. The company moved away from making smartphones as their market share plunged in 2016. This strategy will bring in licensing revenues and allow BlackBerry to stay focused on its “enterprise of things” technology that BBRY values at $17.6 billion.

Press Release- BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB) announced today it is further expanding its channels of distribution through a new initiative with Allied World Assurance Company Holdings, AG (NYSE:AWH).

"This agreement with Allied World will allow us to expand our channel reach and help policyholders be BlackBerry Secure," said Marty Beard, Chief Operating Officer, BlackBerry. "Allied World is a leader when it comes to providing innovative services to help its cyber policyholders manage their risk. We look forward to providing their clients with our mobile-native approach to security that addresses the entire enterprise from endpoint to endpoint, while at the same time growing our footprint in the insurance industry." To read the entire Press Release click here.

As far as productivity tools, BlackBerry Messenger App just recently launched for both iOS and Android. BBM is becoming one of the most popular instant messaging apps on both iOS and Android. There are many new features and changes in the update. A new user interface design and layout; improvements to the security and privacy settings; a new web view if you are shopping or reading on BlackBerry Messenger; and you may interact with subscribers if you are a channel owner due to the integrated Chatbot API. Let’s not forget that now you get Google Analytics, meaning several partners of BBM will be able to receive accurate data and information. All these features are quite useful and will assist users in being more social.

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