BlackBerry Glide Renderings

When Chen and the team announced new hardware at this year's Mobile World Congress, we got a chance to see two of the upcoming devices slated for a 2015 release.

First, the BlackBerry Leap - a device aimed at mostly Entrepreneurs and Enterprise fleet renewals. Then, a somewhat unexpected guest - the BlackBerry Slider

Ron Louks, President - Devices and Emerging Solutions at BlackBerry held up two variants of this device (White, Black) but was quick to hide them again - after showing them for less than 10 seconds. While the devices were shown to select partners, the media was unable to view the devices afterwards - leaving us with a few dark and blurry photos of said device. Even with image inhancing; the angles and photos aren't enough to satisfy the communities taste for more.

Interestingly, a brief video surfaced yesterday of the devices when Ron unveiled them. Check out the short clip below (Jump to 2:00):


So, after some quick rendering time, I present you with a few examples of the upcoming device - which I'll coin the BlackBerry Glide.

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