BlackBerry Mobile Hits Instagram


Yesterday, BlackBerry Mobile expanded its social media reach by launching an account on the ubiquitous picture (and video) sharing platform, Instagram. They haven't shared a lot of photos yet (18 at the time of writing) but with the impending release of the KEYOne, surely that will change. Be sure to follow BlackBerry Mobile for photos of and by the KEYOne. 


This is a welcomed addition to the BlackBerry social media strategy, albeit this is done by BlackBerry Mobile (i.e. under the TCL umbrella). BlackBerry's (aka BlackBerry non-mobile) Instagram channel seems to only post what essentially boils down to advertisements for the company as opposed to user and #TeamBlackBerry engagement. 

Also, we have a sneaky feeling that this Instagram profile might be the work of the talented media master James Nieves, formerly of BerryFlow, and more recently formerly of CrackBerry, who recently joined BlackBerry Mobile to help them with their "social game" (according to a recent announcement on CrackBerry). 

On a slightly related note, I for one, am happy to see BlackBerry Mobile on Twitter as user engagement is essential for a consumer relevant brand in 2017; however, I do wish they would obtain the verified blue check mark from Twitter to prevent any confusion with similar twitter handles. 


Who is ready for the KEYOne to be launched? And who will be buying it? 


photography by me, david lindahl. Follow me on Twitter (austriker27) or Instagram (austriker).