BlackBerry Releases Three Leap Bundles

BlackBerry quietly released 3 new 'accessory' bundles this weekend, further pushing the device into public interest. 

The bundles include a BlackBerry Leap - and various accessories for the device. While the device is still available on its own for $349.00 CAD, these new options are definitely worth checking out:

BlackBerry Leap Efficiency Bundle - $423.99:

  • BlackBerry Sync Pod
  • 2 BlackBerry Screen Protectors
  • BlackBerry Leather Pocket

BlackBerry Leap Travel Bundle - $436.99:

  • BlackBerry Sync Pod
  • BlackBerry US / Canada Charger
  • EU Charger
  • UK Charger

BlackBerry Power Bundle - $442.99:

  • BlackBerry leather pocket case
  • BlackBerry flex shell case
  • BlackBerry EU Charger
  • UK Charger


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