BlackBerry Returns To Korea After 3 Years

According to sources, BlackBerry is set to launch the Priv in South Korea at a press event held this upcoming September 20th.

Something most likely won't know, is that BlackBerry first launched a smartphone in Korea in 2009 - but pulled out of the market alongside HTC, Motorola and Nokia around late 2012. Currently, Samsung holds around 70% of the marketshare, with Apple in second, holding around 10%.

This means the Priv will be the first smartphone that BlackBerry has launched in the country in the past three years. Apparantly, there are no plans to re-establish offices in the region.

A move that we all will definitely be watching closely, since the phone was launched almost a year ago - and pricing has yet to become available. The important thing to see, will be how the device stacks up against smartphone makers like Huawei who recently launched smartphones in Hong Kong.

S: ZDNet


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