Collaborate Smarter with The Latest Updates to BlackBerry’s Productivity Applications

Back in December of 2016, BlackBerry announced a new platform for their Enterprise Of Things approach to the business world. This new mobility platform was to be the driving foundation for a unified experience as companies move to secure communications and productivity in the new age of technology and connectivity. With the announcement, BlackBerry released a few esentially rebranded productivity applications:

  • BlackBerry Work (formerly Good Work) – Offers a secure, intuitive and integrated collaboration experience. It combines email, calendar, contacts, presence, document access, document editing and more, allowing organizations to mobilize their workforce effectively. 
  • BlackBerry Access (formerly Good Access) – Gives your organization the ability to confidently enable mobile access to a broad range of web apps and intranet resources containing sensitive information.
  • BlackBerry Connect (formerly Good Connect) – Accelerates decision-making by allowing employees to securely connect and collaborate in real time on their choice of mobile device.
  • BlackBerry Share (formerly Good Share) – Allows employees to safely share documents and other content while on the go, on any device. 
  • BlackBerry Tasks (formerly Good Tasks)– Provides the ability to securely create, open and prioritize tasks synchronized with Microsoft Exchange.
  • BlackBerry Notes – Enables users to stay on top of business workflows by creating, editing and maintaining a tile-view list of notes.

Today, BlackBerry unveiled new updates to these applications to keep the productivity train going. From better analytics with BlackBerry Work, streamlined group chat and document editing in BlackBerry Connect to the more needed integrations; like viewing BlackBerry Tasks from your native calendar.

"BlackBerry Tasks is essentially a mobile Kanban board. Features like reminders, recurring tasks, sorting options, and the ability to convert emails into tasks, keep everyone on-track and productive. And with full Microsoft Exchange integration, Tasks is perfect for a project-oriented enterprise."

To learn more about these apps, the new features released today and how they can impact your business; read the full post from Inside BlackBerry right here.