Concept Renderings Of The BlackBerry Vienna

Not long after the world finally has the Priv in hand, internal renderings for the BlackBerry Vienna surfaced, courtesy of a tipster over at CrackBerry.

Naturally, people want to see more of the device other than some rather pixelated pre-press renders. Krisztian Haasz took it apon himself to create some pretty sweet renderings of the upcoming device. In case you missed out last post, here's what the Vienna is:

At first glance, it looks a lot like a Silver Edition Passport, with some Priv-y features like the four-row keyboard. Clearly, the design is similar to the most recent Passport iteration, but you can see how the Leap and Priv have come together too. We checked in with some sources, and found out a little bit more about what's in store with this odd device. Remember, things are always subject to change - and we may not be looking at the final device. We're a couple months away from a launch, so take the below with a grain of salt:

According to a source, here's what we know:

  • 4.4" LCD Display 1920x1440 (4:3 or 3:2 AR)
  • 5.8" Height
  • 2.8" Width
  • 9.8mm Thick
  • Android 6.0 Launch OS
  • March / April Launch
  • Sub $400 USD Pricing
  • Lower-tier Device


Check Out The Full Gallery Here