DENSO and BlackBerry Partner to Develop World’s First Integrated Automobile HMI Platform

Ready for a hint of what BlackBerry QNX will be showing off in Vegas at CES next month?

Using industry expert Denso Corp., Intels Processing power, and QNX Hypervison; the companies will introduce a new Human Machine Interface (HMI) platform to the automotive space this January, with integrations expected for 2019. Intel says it has developed a new graphics sharing technology that is optimized for this processor style, capable of running 3D animations.

What is HMI? Think of it as a unified system for the infotainment system, maintenance monitoring, odometer, modern safety features, and more. This allows all of the vehicles independent operating systems to unite via hypervisor and process into a single OS for displays. The integrated HMI platform will enable a system which optimally cooperates and coordinates various HMI products such as display and sound inside the automobile cockpit at a low price.

The integrated automotive HMI platform is believed to be the first of its kind and was developed by DENSO and BlackBerry using BlackBerry’s QNX Hypervisor for virtualization and the Intel Atom processor A3900 series. The hypervisor technology enables the independence of several OSes with different characteristics and controls the integration with one microcomputer.

“While cluster, head unit, infotainment, and entertainment screens are all part of a new digital user experience in the car, they can’t be developed in isolation and need to work in tandem,” said John Wall, SVP and GM of BlackBerry QNX. “With help from DENSO and Intel, BlackBerry QNX will provide a highly functional, virtual cockpit including a safety-certified digital instrument cluster that will be the new gold standard in the automotive industry. We look forward to working with them on many more projects in the future.”

BlackBerry's QNX has been making huge strives in the industry. This move only solidifies their global position going forward into the era of connected things - starting with the automobile.


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