Exclusive: First Image Of The BlackBerry Oslo

BlackBerryCentral has gotten some new information (including a release date) about the upcoming BlackBerry Oslo device quietly announced at MWC.

Along with the information is an alleged official image of the device which we'd like to share with you today. Before we get to that, let's talk specs and release:

Release Date

Apparently, the device is getting ready for a June 30th release of 2015. No official confirmation can be made as of yet.


The device is very similar to the Passport internally, although we're told some specs are subject to improvement.

  • 1440x1440 LCD Screen
  • 13MP Rear Camera, 2MP Front
  • OS 10.3.2
  • 3450mAh Battery


We have A LOT more to share - but for today, enjoy the early information. A timeline, and HD renderings are on the way. 

Update: The device is apparently not meant specifically for the China market - and is supposed to launch as a Globally available device.

Note: Keep in mind that things do change, and early information and visuals are subject to revision and cancellation. 

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