Five Tip Friday

Welcome to Five Tip Friday!

Each Friday, we'll post helpful tips about your BlackBerry 10 & BlackBerry Android device. From software to hardware, you can be sure to get the latest info on your device right here!

1. Unlock Your Priv With One-Touch

When BlackBerry set up the software on the Priv, they enabled a featured called "Tap to Wake" which allows you to double tap on the sleeping display to wake it. This feature can be super handy on the fly, especially if you just want to check notifications or the current time.

Here's another handy trick: try opening your Priv's physical keyboard, and pressing the Space Bar. This should unlock the display, and take you to your homescreen. Keep in mind, this only works for devices without Passwords enabled.

2. Open Contextual Keyboard Options

On your Priv's Keyboard, you may have notices the three little dots beside the microphone located on the 0 key.

Holding this key within a messaging or input area will bring up contextual options such as Keyboard Settings, Emoticons, Copy / Paste, Hide and Voice Input.

Try this:

  • Open BBM
  • Select A New or Existing Chat
  • Slide Out The Physical Keyboard
  • Select The Text Entry / Input Field
  • Hold the 0 Key

You'll see something like this pop-up under your entry field:

3. Unlock Your BlackBerry Passport or Classic Without Touching The Display

If for some reason you'd rather not touch the display on your device to unlock it, here's a quick tip to jump right into your phone with just two button clicks. Again, this trick only works if your device does not have a password enabled:

  • On Your Physical Keyboard
  • Select The U Key
  • Select The Enter Key

Your Z10, Z30 and Leap are exempt from this tip - but your Q10 and Q5 will work as long as you're running the latest software from BlackBerry. We're hoping this is a feature the software team brings to the Priv with Marshmallow 6.0. If you're confused on how to do this, check out our graphic:


4. Enable More Quick-Settings On BlackBerry 10

By default BlackBerry enables just a few quick drop-down settings on your BlackBerry 10 device. If you aren't familiar, these are the toggled options available when you swipe down on your display with one or two fingers (depending on the screen you're in).

Here's an easy way to enable more functionality:

  • Swipe Down From The Home Screen
  • Select Settings Located In The Top Left Corner
  • Select Quick Settings From The List Shown
  • Touch to Enable Any of The New Settings You'd Like Available

You can even rearrange how these settings are shown by selecting the Rearrange button: 

5. Open The BlackBerry Hub On Your Priv With A Gesture

Most Priv owners know that the Hub can be opened with a simple gesture from the centre button on your device. But with the latest OS update for the Priv, you are able to swipe up from nearly any area along the bottom of your display.

You can try this out, by swiping up from the Square (Multitasking) button in the bottom right of your screen instead of the Circle (Home) button. Alternatively, try swiping from the Triangle (Back) button to open the Hub.

If you have a favourite app like us (Flipboard), you can set the device to open this app with the gesture instead by going to Settings > Device > Swipe Shortcuts.

That's it for this week's Five Tip Friday, have a great weekend #TeamBlackBerry! Be sure to keep an eye out for next weeks post!

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