Happy New Year 2017

Welcome to the end of 2016, a year filled with new challenges and changes. For BlackBerry, 2016 was a year of full transition; we've heard Chen mention Software Company many times, but this past year was full of changes that proved this intention was in motion.

As we approach the new year, we all sit in anticipation for what may be next. For most, the curiousity lays in handsets -- will the DTEK70 / Mercury be what we've really wanted all along since the Android approach? How many new devices are TCL and BB MERAH PUTIH producing? What's coming at CES17 next week?

The new BlackBerry Secure and QNX direction is peaking interests too; simplified management for enterprises, autonamous driving and healthcare security will be the driving revenues for the company in 2017. 

For BlackBerryCentral, it's been a wild ride towards our second year in operation. As a team, we've all endeavoured life changing events; from new family members and experiences, to losses and missed opportunity. Overall, everyone has pulled through into the new year - and as we head into January, we all have new goals to accomplish. As a site and team, we want to try harder this year to bring you better quality content. You'll see a couple of changes to our brand coming in the next few months, with plenty of ways to interact along the way. Stay tuned to our social media for updates.

We wish you all the best in 2017. Have a safe celebration, and look forward to fresh content in the coming week.

- BlackBerryCentral Team