Revisiting The OEM Hard Shell Case For BlackBerry Passport

So you acquired a BlackBerry Passport, a rather expensive device, and now you’d like to pick up a case that will protect your investment.

If you’re like me, and using your Passport heavily and constantly - the OEM BlackBerry hard shell case is a viable option for you. You've probably seen this case at one time or another. After all, it did debut alongside the Passport in September.

Revisiting A Great Case

I looked for a case which was relatively thin, that would enable me to stick the device comfortably in my jeans pocket and pull it out time and again, over the course a day.

Slipping the case on is extremely easy. You slide the bottom end of your device into the lower edge of the case, then snap the top of the case into place. Theoretically, the reverse process will enable you to take it off. I wish I could say it’s super easy, however, it's a little more cumbersome in comparison.

Once the case is in place, you’ll immediately notice access to all ports and jacks remains extremely easy as they remain visible at all times. Same goes for the camera. Also, once you put the device face down on a flat surface, the case will raise the display a little so it doesn’t come in touch with the surface, thus preventing scratches, etc.

The only ports that are inaccessible while the case is on are the SIM and MicroSD card. But since those are not required to be replaced often, that is not really a downside. Certainly not one which would have prevented me from buying this case.

The hard shell case has a textured, rubber like back, similar to several BlackBerry devices which gives a comfortable feeling while holding the device and minimizes the chance of losing grip and dropping your device accidentally


As mentioned earlier, the BlackBerry hard shell case offers decent protection, and doesn't add a lot of bulk to the device. Even a few months later, the case still tops most other offerings for the device. It's comfortable to use, and allows access to all necessary ports and jacks, and even comes with a screen protector - which is why I highly recommend the case.

Are there other great offerings from BlackBerry? Absolutely, but it really comes down to preference. Some prefer having no case on their device, and others prefer something a little safer. Be sure to check out BlackBerry's other OEM case offerings - they may just have something to suit your taste.

If you're interested, it's available for order in Black or White via ShopBlackBerry or Amazon stores for $34.99 or $18.49 (USD) respectively.




Purchase the BlackBerry Passport Hard Shell Case from ShopBlackBerry

Purchase the BlackBerry Passport Hard Shell Case from Amazon


Are you currently using a case on your BlackBerry? If so, which one?