ICYMI: BlackBerry At MWC 2015

BlackBerry has made a few splashes at MWC, announcing 4 new hardware devices - and more software in conjunction with its previously announced Enterprise Suites.

Today was the day most BlackBerry fan's were in anticipation for, as they held a small event followed by a Q&A session with BlackBerry CEO John Chen.

There were a ton of announcements in the past few days - just in case you missed anything, here's a detailed breakdown of BlackBerry at MWC over the past few days.


Day 1

Catalonia - Barcelona, 1st March: BlackBerry brought MWC in with a bang, announcing partnerships - and their new Enterprise suites aimed at cross-platform devices that will increase productivity by tailoring BlackBerry’s unique security and collaboration features to any mobile device.


The BlackBerry Experience Suite represents a major company-wide initiative in BlackBerry’s commitment to build out its robust software portfolio. It extends BlackBerry’s successful cross-platform strategy of complementing the company’s innovative and ultra-secure hardware with software solutions that meet the changing needs of enterprises and mobile professionals – as well as device makers serving those markets.

BlackBerry Productivity Suite:
• Manage work and personal messages, and edit documents across all devices effortlessly and securely;
• Intelligent work flows and deeply integrated search helps tackle the highest priority communications first, including high-priority messages, documents and contacts, across devices and cloud sources;
• Monitor all personal and work messages in one place - email, text, BBM, social accounts.

BlackBerry Communication & Collaboration Suite: 
• Share and collaborate securely in real-time with colleagues through instant meetings, Wi-Fi voice calls, video chat and an integrated calendar view;
• View and edit documents and calendar invitations across devices seamlessly and securely.

BlackBerry Security Suite:
• Protect personal and work information from malware and data theft with BlackBerry’s secure encryption and privacy controls;
• Secure emails, messages, phone calls and documents across any mobile computing environment;
• Integrate and securely manage work and personal messages through separate containers.

BlackBerry will begin offering the BlackBerry Experience Suite later this year. For updates, more information and to get involved in the BlackBerry Experience Suite, visit blackberry.com/experience.

Day 2

Catalonia - Barcelona, 2nd March: BlackBerry took its second day to announce further partnerships and software for both enterprise users and healthcare industries. 

BlackBerry Announces New Cross-platform EMM Cloud for Enterprises and SMBs

BES12 Cloud solution will offer easy management of iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10 smartphones and tablets, as well as a wide range of Samsung KNOX and Android for Work smartphones and tablets.

BES12 Cloud will provide expanded cross-platform EMM capabilities to securely manage any mobile deployment model such as BYOD, COPE and COBO, and will leverage BlackBerry’s trusted global infrastructure. BES12 Cloud is geared towards enterprises looking to manage mobile devices, protect their corporate data and enable employee productivity. Its simple setup and configuration also makes it easy for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to adopt cross platform MDM and take advantage of cloud-based productivity and collaboration solutions like BlackBerry Blend and BBM Meetings.

In addition to launching BES12 Cloud later this month, new enhancements to BES12 on-premise are now available. Key features and benefits of BES12 version 12.1 include:

Government and Security Enhancements for BlackBerry 10 Enhancements build upon the end-to-end security enabled by vertical integration of BES12 EMM, BlackBerry Global Network Infrastructure and the BlackBerry 10 platform. New administrator capabilities include the ability to restrict and control access to specific BlackBerry 10 OS versions, configure message classification rules for work email, and perform wired activation of BlackBerry 10 devices with BES12 within tightly controlled, centralized deployments.

Enhanced Android Management BES12 version 12.1 adds support for Samsung KNOX Standard, the first phase of the BlackBerry and Samsung partnership which offers enhanced Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) controls for Samsung Android devices. Support for the KNOX Workspace is planned for an upcoming release of BES12 which will also feature BlackBerry Secure Connectivity.

Enhanced Administrator Experience Enhancements to the streamlined BES12 administrator experience include seamless administrator sign-on into the BES12 console without requiring login credentials and dynamic support for new BES12 IT policy controls as new OS updates are introduced.

BBM Meetings Enhancements
BBM™ Meetings is a multi-OS mobile first voice and video conferencing solution that makes it easy for mobile professionals to schedule, join or instantly start meetings when they’re on the go. New enhancements announced today for BBM Meetings include a Microsoft Outlook plugin that enables customers to directly schedule and start a BBM Meeting from the Microsoft Outlook client. This allows customers to use BBM Meetings just as seamlessly from their Windows desktop as they already do from their mobile device. Additional enhancements to BBM Meetings announced today include automatic scaling for shared screen viewing, enhanced in-meeting privacy controls for participants, and streamlined audio prompts when joining by phone dial-in.

BBM Protected Enhancements
BBM Protected provides enterprise-grade encryption for BBM messages between iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. An enhancement to BBM Protected announced Sunday extends the security of BBM Protected conversations to non-BBM Protected users. Now all conversations initiated by a BBM Protected user can be secured, regardless of whether the other person is a BBM Protected user or not. Once the BBM Protected connection is established with the non-BBM Protected user, either user can initiate a secure chat environment. With this enhancement, now an enterprise using BBM Protected can be assured that all of their employees’ communications are fully protected, even when communicating outside of their company. An upcoming release of BBM Protected also includes an auto-passphrase feature, which makes the passphrase exchange happen automatically and seamlessly between two parties in a BBM Protected conversation. IT Administrators will have the option to turn on either feature via the Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry administration console.


Secusmart, Develops Vodafone Anti-eavesdropping Secure Call Service

BlackBerry announced that it has collaborated with Vodafone Germany to deliver a service that offers corporate users a new, powerful encryption solution for maximum voice communications security.

The service, Vodafone Secure Call, is an app-based VoIP solution for the end-to-end encryption of mobile calls. It’s easy to use on all networks, even while roaming, and will launch as an app for Android and iOS smartphones. Secure Call uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit encryption, which is so strong that it would take a supercomputer one billion billion years to crack with a brute force attack*. To further ensure security, the temporary keys to encrypt voice communications are generated on the device and deleted immediately after the call.

Key benefits of the Vodafone Secure Call solution:

  • Available to all enterprise customers: from small business to large corporations.
  • Supports operating systems iOS 7 and higher, Android 4.3 and higher, and coming soon to BlackBerry 10.
  • Functions in EDGE, UMTS and LTE networks, and WiFi hotspots.
  • Provider-independent and can be used anywhere in the world.
  • Strong voice quality at low bandwidth.
  • An infrastructure that is hosted at a high security, certified Vodafone Germany data center.


BlackBerry Partners with GSX and ISEC7 to Expand Solutions Portfolio

BES12, a cross-platform EMM solution by BlackBerry®, is enhancing user functions for customers and partners globally with BES Monitoring solutions available from BlackBerry. BES12 provides expanded, cross-platform EMM capabilities that can manage any mobile deployment model such as BYOD, COPE and COBO, and is built on BlackBerry’s trusted and secure network.

The newly added GSX Monitor and Analyzer for BlackBerry and ISEC7 EMM Advanced Service Monitoring for BlackBerry give customers the ability to access real-time monitoring, automated trend reporting and availability forecasting of BES12, allowing issues to be identified immediately. In addition, the ability to monitor BES12 allows customers to prevent downtime and critical impact to mobile infrastructure, and contributes to a high-level of end-user satisfaction.

GSX Monitor and Analyzer for BlackBerry
GSX Monitor and Analyzer is a completely agentless, intuitive monitoring and reporting solution that enables administrators and IT managers to monitor the performance and availability of BES12 from a user perspective. GSX Monitor and Analyzer provides real-time monitoring from a single user interface, and troubleshoots the entire messaging and collaboration infrastructure connected to the BlackBerry environment. This solution provides extensive reporting features, automated trend reports as well as forecasting on availability, performance and usage of the infrastructure. GSX customers and partners such as NovaLink, Inergex and Arrow Communications count on GSX Monitor and Anlayzer to complement their BES12 deployment.

ISEC7 EMM Advanced Service Monitoring for BlackBerry
ISEC7 EMM Advanced Service Monitoring for BlackBerry is a web-based monitoring and management platform which allows IT administrators to view real-time information about the entire mobile infrastructure, as well as perform duties in order to meet the on-going demands of mobile device users. ISEC7 EMM ASM facilitates the use of very complex infrastructures and delivers all relevant information to keep business processes running smoothly and keep costs under control. Customers such as the Munich Airport, Vodafone, Dachser and BNP Paribas trust in ISEC7 EMM ASM for BES monitoring.


Global Application Partners Select BlackBerry Platform to Secure Communication, Collaboration and Productivity Solutions for Healthcare

New BlackBerry partner applications are to be available for BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android devices that are enabling innovative solutions to improve healthcare communications, workflow, and patient care.

Healthcare organizations require a platform that secures data end-to-end, controlling access to the data in transit and at rest. BES12 is the leading platform for secure mobile communications and cross-platform application management. The BlackBerry platform enables solutions that provide healthcare organizations with the best in security, connectedness, and the exchange of real time data, while ensuring privacy of patient data and supporting a HIPAA compliant environment.

BlackBerry’s ecosystem of trusted partners helps deliver the most secure enterprise solutions for healthcare that impact productivity, efficiency, patient care and cash flow of a healthcare facility. This includes everything from secure access to patient records, reports and diagnostic images from health information systems to the ability to capture and transmit critical patient data to solutions for remotely monitoring patient health. The BlackBerry portfolio of healthcare partners and apps spans several categories in growing markets:

  • Medical Reference and Screening Tools: Atmosphere, ePSS, Foundation Internet, interRAI, Lexicomp, Medscape, Pepid, QxMD Software Inc., Skyscape, Unbound Medicine
  • EMR/HIS/EHR Access: Anoto Live Enterprise, BigHand, CareSocial, CellTrak, Goldcare, Oculys, Philips, Winscribe
  • Secure Communications and Alerts: HipLink Software, Spok
  • Imaging: Claron Technology (acquired by Lexmark), MphRx
  • mHealth (Telehealth): Maestros Mediline, UST Global

Stay tuned for more details about this service.


Global Mobile Operators Announce Support for Monthly Billing of BES12 Cross-Platform EMM

BlackBerry announced that mobile operators from around the world, including EE (UK), Vodafone India, Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan), Maxis Berhad (Malaysia), Telekom Slovenia and Telekom Hungary, will provide BES12 Enhanced SIM-Based Licensing (ESBL) for their customers.

These mobile operators join a growing list that has already launched ESBL, including Vodafone Germany and Idea Cellular (India). Mobile operators using ESBL are able to provide customers with one monthly bill to subscribe to BlackBerry EMM services and BES12, a cross platform EMM solution. BlackBerry is the only EMM provider that is able to offer this service. The ESBL offering will support iOS, Android™, Windows Phone® and BlackBerry® 10 smartphones.

With ESBL, enterprise customers will be able to:

  • Get one monthly bill which consolidates BlackBerry’s EMM services as a bundled package along with airtime, data plan and other wireless features, such as MMS.
  • Receive “pay as you go” detailed monthly billing, and the ability to consolidate all users in an organization on one monthly bill. Billing will be immediately stopped if users are no longer accessing services.
  • Take advantage of the only BYOD solution that also provides Bring Your Own License (BYOL) where enterprise employees can purchase their own BES12 EMM license directly through their mobile operator and be billed in the same way as for their voice and data services. 

BES12 provides expanded EMM capabilities that can manage any mobile deployment model such as BYOD, COPE and COBO, and is built on BlackBerry’s trusted and secure network. BlackBerry has worked with its expansive network of mobile operators to facilitate the onboarding of ESBL globally.

Stay tuned for more details about this service.


BlackBerry Offers New Mobility Solutions to Sprint Enterprise Customers


Sprint is now offering BES12™, a cross-platform EMM solution that securely manages devices from all of the major enterprise mobile platforms. Sprint is also offering BBM™ Meetings, BBM™ Protected and BlackBerry® Blend to its enterprise customers.

“Our agreement with BlackBerry brings an advanced, secure product portfolio to our enterprise customers to help them increase productivity in their organizations while remaining secure,” said Wayne Ward, Vice President, Product & Business Development at Sprint. “It’s a priority for us to make our enterprise product and services portfolio more robust, and to make value-added service options available to our customers. BlackBerry helps us achieve this goal.”

BES12 is the foundation of BlackBerry’s extensive portfolio of enterprise security, productivity, and communication and collaboration services that helps organizations securely connect employees with each other, corporate information and the machines that are required to get their jobs done. The BES12 platform seamlessly supports iOS, Android™, Windows Phone®, BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry OS.

BES12 simplifies the task of mobilizing an organization by providing a single command and control center for managing the availability and usage of devices, apps, activities and mission-critical data. With expanded EMM capabilities, BES12 can manage any mobile device usage model such as BYOD, COPE and COBO, and leverages BlackBerry’s trusted global infrastructure.

The BlackBerry enterprise solutions and services that Sprint is now offering include:

  • BES12: provides end-to-end platform-level security that keeps an organization’s data safe and secure while in transit and at rest. BES12 also leverages advanced encryption, containerization, application wrapping and BlackBerry’s secure global network infrastructure.   
  • BlackBerry Blend: part of BlackBerry’s EMM offerings for enterprise, making it possible for employees to maximize their productivity by securely accessing personal and work data from their BlackBerry smartphone to a desktop or tablet. With Blend, employees can get instant message notifications, read and respond to work and personal email, BBM™ and text messages, and access work documents, calendar, contacts and media in real-time on whatever device they are on, powered by their BlackBerry device. BlackBerry Blend works across multiple operating systems including Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, and revolutionizes IT administration by shifting from managing devices to securely managing information movement, thereby reducing the need for VPN and ultimately lowering total cost of ownership.
  • BBM Meetings:  provides a mobile-first collaboration app that allows voice and video conferences for groups of up to 25 people on BlackBerry 10, iOS or Android smartphones, and also on Windows PC or Mac. The solution is specifically built to enhance the productivity of the mobile professional through the use of such features as Auto Join.
  • BBM Protected: provides enterprise-grade encryption for BBM messages between iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. BBM Protected allows employees to take full advantage of BlackBerry’s premiere messaging app, BBM, with an added layer of security that’s built for business. BBM Meetings, meanwhile, makes mobile collaboration as seamless as it would be in person, with no need to worry about complex scheduling apps, PINs, Passwords, or meeting IDs.

“We’re pleased to work with Sprint to help give our customers increased flexibility and more options for access to BlackBerry’s cross-platform enterprise solutions,” said John Sims, President, Global Sales, BlackBerry. “We’ve had a long-standing relationship with Sprint, who shares our commitment to secure mobility which is why we’re offering their customers an easy way to adopt BES12 and other new value-added services such as BBM Meetings, BBM Protected and BlackBerry Blend.”

By extending BlackBerry’s agreement with Sprint, customers will benefit from the industry leading EMM, messaging and security capabilities used by all G7 governments, 16 of the G20 governments, ten out of ten of the largest global banks and global law firms, and the top five largest managed healthcare, investment services, and oil and gas companies.

The BES12 software, BBM Meetings, BBM Protected and BlackBerry Blend are available from Sprint as of yesterday.

Request More Information About BES12 On Sprint


Day 3

March 3rd, BlackBerry Event at MWC 2015: Today was the day that most of us were waiting for - the announcement of new BlackBerry hardware. While today's event wasn't all hardware focused, BlackBerry did introduce some cool new software; like WorkLife.

WorkLife By BlackBerry


WorkLife by BlackBerry® isn’t just split billing – it’s a new way to manage telecom expenses, protect employee privacy and control your company assets. And it couldn’t be easier. WorkLife by BlackBerry precisely distinguishes between work use and personal use of an iPhone, Android™ or BlackBerry® smartphone by introducing separate lines managed by the enterprise.

With WorkLife by BlackBerry, enterprises can easily add a separate corporate phone number to a personal device brought in by the employee (BYOD). WorkLife by BlackBerry® allows the enterprise to pay for the work line (voice, SMS and data) while allowing employees to keep their personal line for personal use.


Organizations that have embraced BYOD find employees using a variety of devices, from iPhone, and Android to BlackBerry smartphones. WorkLife by BlackBerry works seamlessly in a cross-platform environment. Plus it will work with BES, BlackBerry® Balance, and Secure Work Space as well as other solutions for mobile device management and partitioning.


WorkLife by BlackBerry eliminates the need for proxy servers used to split out work and personal data. Not only do proxy servers slow down data transfer, resulting in a poor employee experience, but they require companies to open their company data up to a third party. In addition, proxy servers aren’t always accurate and can result in incorrectly attributed device usage.

The software is expected to be available in the coming weeks, and is currently unavailable for purchase.

Learn More About WorkLife by BlackBerry


SecuSuite for BlackBerry 10


SecuSUITE for BlackBerry® 10 combines modern smartphone convenience with highly secure mobile communication. It provides complete end-to-end protection against electronic eavesdropping and third party attacks for all voice calls or data (in-transit and at rest), including text messages, email, calendar and contacts.

Fully integrated with the BlackBerry phone application, all of its encryption and authentication processes run seamlessly and safely in the background on the secure BlackBerry 10 OS, without impacting phone quality, performance or usability. All data is simply secure. The solution is based on the Secusmart Security Card, which takes the form of a micro SD card and is responsible for encryption and authentication.

And, through integration with BlackBerry® Balance™ technology, employees can easily keep their business and personal use of the smartphone separated. Organizations can implement their own security guidelines, retaining access to the work profile on employee’s smartphones so that all business related data and processes on the device can be protected from electronic eavesdropping.

Learn More About SecuSuite for BlackBerry 10


BlackBerry Classic Coming In White, Blue and Bronze

BlackBerry is about offering choice, and as such, many of the devices are already available in a variety of colours. For example, the BlackBerry Passport has had Limited Edition Red and Limited Edition Black and Gold devices in some regions, and is available in white in many others.

Confirmed today at Mobile World Congress , BlackBerry Classic fans will have their choice of device color, too. Soon to arrive are blue, bronze and white colored BlackBerry Classic devices, augmenting the existing, critically-acclaimed black model. White is said to be available this month, and the other two are slated to be available in April, alongside the BlackBerry Leap release.

Stay tuned for more info. In the meantime, read all about the BlackBerry Classic today at Inside BlackBerry, including where you can buy todayexploratory videosinterviews with satisfied users, rave reviews from AT&T BlackBerry Classic users, and positive media reviews from the New York Times,USA Today, TechCrunch and others.


BlackBerry Leap Officially Announced

Today, BlackBerry introduced the new BlackBerry® Leap smartphone for 4G LTE networks. The BlackBerry Leap is an affordable all-touch smartphone in a modern and powerful design that is built for career builders and companies who value security and privacy when pushing their productivity to the next level.

BlackBerry Leap includes a brilliant five-inch 720p HD display, BlackBerry’s latest operating system and more than a full day’s battery power, keeping users hyper connected, productive and always in control.

Top features of BlackBerry Leap that drive security, productivity, communications and collaboration include:

  • Security to Maintain Privacy –You can feel safe in the knowledge that BlackBerry Leap was designed with the highest standards of security in mind to protect your privacy. It is equipped with support for encryption, plus built-in malware protection and back-up, wipe and restore. All to give you control and help secure your data against the next embarrassing and potentially costly cyberattack.
  • Battery That Powers Through a Full Day – With up to 25 hours of heavy use,* the BlackBerry Leap will power through even your most demanding day. The impressive 2800 mAh battery and optimization of power consumption in BlackBerry 10 gives users more than a full day of productive usage. 
  • Best-in-Class BlackBerry Keyboard – Type faster and more accurately on a touchscreen keyboard that learns how you write. With superior error correction, multi-language support, customized adaption and flow, BlackBerry’s touchscreen keyboard helps to reduce the mistakes and missteps that can hold you back. 
  • BlackBerry® 10 OS 10.3.1 – BlackBerry Leap comes preloaded with the new BlackBerry 10.3.1 operating system, offering a fresh look that incorporates updated icons and an instant action bar so that users’ most commonly accessed functions are in the center of their screen. Additional features include:
  • BlackBerry® Blend – BlackBerry Blend brings messaging and content that is on your BlackBerry smartphone to your computer and tablet. Get instant message notifications, read and respond to your work and personal email, BBM® or text messages, and access your documents, calendar, contacts and media in real time on whatever device you are on, powered by your BlackBerry. BlackBerry Blend works across desktop operating systems, including Mac OS X 10.7 +, Windows® 7+ and Android™ tablets running Android 4.4+ via cellular, USB or Wi-Fi connections.
  • BlackBerry® Assistant – The BlackBerry Assistant is BlackBerry’s first digital assistant and can be used with voice and text commands to help users manage work and personal email, contacts, calendar and other native BlackBerry 10 applications. It’s the only smartphone assistant on the market today that can access both personal and work content in your work perimeter. BlackBerry Assistant intelligently determines how to respond to you based on how you interact with it – if you type, it responds silently, if you speak, it speaks back and if you activate over Bluetooth, it speaks back with additional context because it assumes you might not have access to the screen.
  • Dual app storefronts preloaded for access to a huge selection of apps for work and play: BlackBerry World – BlackBerry World offers essential business and productivity apps for professionals looking to drive efficient communications and collaboration including Box, Evernote, Cisco WebEx Meetings and Documents to Go. Amazon Appstore – Discover and download popular Android apps and games through the Amazon Appstore including Candy Crush Saga, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Kindle and Amazon Shopping.


  • 295 PPI on a 5-inch 1280 x 720 display
  • 2MP front facing, 8MP rear facing cameras
  • 2800 mAh non-removable battery
  • MSM 8960 Dual Core 1.5 GHz processor
  • 2GB RAM, 16GB Flash + Micro SD
  • Penta Band LTE + 4G Hotspot
  • Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
  • BT 4.0 / DLNA / Miracast
  • Dual Microphone
  • Speakerphone
  • 9.5 mm profile


Check Out The BlackBerry Leap


BlackBerry Shows Off Slider Device

A new BlackBerry device was shown off today, aside from the BlackBerry Leap. While there is no public details on codename, it's sure to bring back memories to Torch lovers from the BBOS days.

Featuring a slide out keyboard, BlackBerry has decided to revive the Slider line of devices. The device also features a curved edge display, similar to that found on the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. While BlackBerry hasn't announced a Samsung partnership for the device, minor details are beginning to emerge that suggest Samsung played a hand in both the display of the device and the camera module found on the rear of the device.

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates and renderings from the BlackBerryCentral team.


BlackBerry Announced 4 Devices Total for 2015


While BlackBerry didn't show off the expected 12 month road-map as many thought they would - they definitely let everyone know what was on the books for this year.

  • BlackBerry Leap
  • BlackBerry Slider
  • BlackBerry Keian
  • Another BlackBerry Physical Keyboard Device

Details are super slim regarding most of the devices. The BlackBerry Keian is a high-end Porsche Design device - named after Keian Blundell; son of longtime writer for CrackBerry, Ryan Blundell. Though due to Keian’s illness, he hadn’t contributed much for the past 18 months, after his son was diagnosed with T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

We should hopefully see more details soon about these devices, so be sure to keep it locked to BlackBerryCentral for updates!


What was your favourite announcement from BlackBerry at MWC? Drop us a comment below!