If I had $60M

In 1992, the Barenaked Ladies wrote their hit song “If I Had $1000000.” The song basically went on to say what they would buy if they won that money but in reality couldn’t buy the love of that special someone.  With Canada’s Lotto Max jackpot at $60M CAD this Friday there are a large number of people thinking if “I had $60M.”  I’ll admit that I do think about what I would do if in fact I were ever lucky enough to win: quit work, buy gifts for family and friends, travel and stop by QNX HQ in Ottawa.

Why stop by QNX?  Well first off, I own a sports car which regardless of how much money in my pocket I have no interest in getting rid of.  That car (pictured below) is the 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP. Based off of the Holden Commodore HSV, the GXP was a one-time only production of only 1829 units which this is one of. The rare beast has the LS3 6.2L engine is coupled with a six-speed TR6060 manual transmission and pushes out 415 HP and 415 lb-ft of torque. But of course with $60M, 415 HP would not be enough.  So let the modding begin! Air Intake, complete exhaust change, of course a supercharger or even twin turbo kit. These are all the performance modifications which gearheads like me enjoy but how about creature comforts? A back up camera, because why not, upgraded stereo system but that is about it - until my stop at QNX.

As we all know QNX is the leader in automobile infotainment development.  Each year the company takes a high-end vehicle and modifies it with its in-house infotainment system.  I remember being wowed in CES 2012 with the QNX BlackBerry Porsche. This amazing vehicle had been outfitted by QNX with their latest equipment.  Digital display, Playbooks built into headrests and of course the complete custom infotainment console.  If you don’t remember have a look here:


Then of course was the Bentley at CES 2013.  Again QNX wowed me by their unique engineering and beautiful fabrication. QNX changed out the dash display and the infotainment center with their own version but the big difference I found this time was the incorporation of the signature Bentley clock as a dial into the system. If you want to check it out, have a look at the BlackBerry video:



Upcoming this year, QNX is at it again but this time they are breaking out a Maserati.  As both a BlackBerry fan and gearhead I am absolutely excited for what they will reveal at this upcoming CES. So no wonder if I win Lotto Max that I will want QNX to work on my car. But what would I ask for? Well here would be my wish list:

  • Dash – Have them install their electronic, customizable dash. However, I will want specific settings for specific driving modes (more to come on that). Depending on the driving mode it would show different gauges up front.

  • Infotainment – Well this goes without saying but a complete touch –screen system including NAV, 4GLTE streaming, and a 2TB HDD for storage should suffice for the time being.  As well, include some updated screen for the headrests. Unfortunately, Playbooks won’t cut it anymore.

  • Driving modes – As hinted above I would want different driving modes which would change the tuning of the car.  Daily Driving would be a tamer version (if possible) of the car which would be comfortable for Sunday drives with the wife and boy and keep me from being pulled over. Dragstrip mode would place focus on acceleration to allow me to get off the line quickly and down the ¼ mile with space on the RPM range to spare.  Finally, track mode would be the releasing of the beast with a combination of low-end torque and high-end speed to zip around any track.

Now keep in mind that QNX does not really take in a customer like me.  They build their products to showcase at events like CES in the hope that large car companies (like Ford) will contract them for their vehicles’ system. So it would not be as simple as walking up to the team and saying “Hi I brought my car for you!”  However, if anything is true in business it is that money talks.  So QNX tell me your price!  Once the car is all done what would be next?  Maybe a road trip out to Winnipeg to take on Mobile Nations’ Kevin Michaluk and his Tesla P85D.

Anyways, that’s my dream.  I’m sure some of you think I’m crazy, others probably think that it’s cool.  Either way, if there’s a company out there to complete this then it would be QNX as they have proven in the past and continuously each year.  However, it’s a just dream until the day I win that Lotto Max and now I’m off to buy even more tickets!