Exclusive Gallery: Limited Edition 24Kt Gold BlackBerry Classic

In January, BlackBerry surprised us with a Gold BlackBerry Passport - but limited production to 50 units with a price tag of $999.00 CAD ($899.00 USD).

BlackBerry is offering its most exclusive product to date: the Gold BlackBerry Passport. Only 50 Gold BlackBerry Passports worldwide have been built. With gold-colored metal trim and frets, you will quickly see that it is no ordinary Passport. Meticulously crafted and engraved with "Limited Edition" and the production number, this is an exclusive product you will want to get your hands on before they are gone. BlackBerry built the Gold Passport for the high-powered mobile professional with the most discerning taste.

Needless to say, the device sold out in just a few short hours after becoming available. The keyword however, was gold-colored meaning that the device was not actually gold-plated, but rather a gold-colour was anodized onto the frame and frets of the device.

This week, we were contacted by Gold Ace International who's making a Limited Edition version of the BlackBerry Classic - and select other devices. This time around, the devices are actually plated with 24Kt gold, along with upgrade options. If you're interested in one of these devices, be prepared to shell out a few thousand:

BlackBerry Classic in 24K Gold Edition

  • The BlackBerry Classic OEM in Black
  • The Classic's original upper frame - made from stainless-steel 304, gold plated up to 5 microns of thickness.
  • The Classic’s original bottom frame was made of ABS plastic and grey-painted. However, Golden Ace's artisan handcrafted in golden brass alloy which can be used at least 5 years without any damage unless dropped. Then, well-polished and gold-plated up to 5 microns in gold.
  • The set of 4 key frets - originally made from plastic also, would be then handcrafted by using silver-platinum 950 alloy on which gold-plated smoothly and straightly.
  • The logo located on the back cover is made of plastic. However, every tiny-blackberry piece was currently replaced by 18K real gold plates.
  • There are 2 options for the side-buttons set (power on/off, mute, volume adjustment): gold-plated OR 18K solid gold with VS1 natural diamonds (add $600 USD).
  • Its original box would be covered by genuine leather, attached with a gold-plated name tag.
  • A well-polished and gold-plated metal piece would be packed in the given box also. This piece would be used to verified that handset was authenticated from Golden Ace International. A warranty date, and the IMEI of that device is then laser-engraved on that metal piece also. We normally give at least 14 months for the warranty time (including delivery time) from the date that we finish the piece.
  • A micro-fiber cloth is always given to our customers for every item.
  • A leather pouch with authenticated G.A logo also included with the handset.
  • Optional: Text Engraving, logo, design - added at no cost.
  • FREE Shipping, World-Wide.
  • Cost: $2,800 USD



Interested in purchasing one of these gorgeous devices?

You can contact Golden Ace International directly to place an order, or if you live in Vietnam - you can head to their main showroom located at 57A Hung Vuong St., Ward 4, District 5, HCMC, Vietnam.

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Email: customer.service@goldenace.vn

Oversea Contact: Eric Duong (+84).93886.3668


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