Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

T’is the day or night (depending on where you live) before Christmas. With that the team at BlackBerryCentral has gotten together a list of their three top things that they would love for Christmas if money weren't an issue. Without further delay here is the team’s Christmas wish list!

Khalid Osman

  1. ZNAPS Connectors – Well privacy and device protection is always on our CE’s mind. So this kickstarter is designed to help that in a power perceptive.
  2. Sphero Ball - When not running the show here at BlackBerrryCentral or working in his day job, the CE needs to kick back and relax at some point, so why not with a Sphero ball to play with?
  3. Car parts - The gift which is good for almost any guy. Twin Turbo kits, intercoolers and so on. Because why not more power in the New Year?

Scott McCarthy

  1. BlackBerry Priv Bundle – Since getting one for his wife and not himself, Scott has been very jealous. A married couple can’t live like that so a Priv is a must.
  2. Holden IQ Radio Bundle – Since he didn’t win the lotto he has to fall back to plan B for his car’s infotainment center. Don’t forget the backup camera, Nav option as well as triple gauge pod.
  3. Season's Tickets to the Montreal Canadiens - This is likely on every Habs fan's list! nothing like seeing the Canadiens at home, especially if the tickets are either in a box or in Club Desjardiens! 

David Lindahl

  1. Nikon dF camera – David loves the visual aesthetics of this throwback Nikon camera. From the full manual tactile controls to the body style of the 1980's this camera would be well used under his control. Nothing better a photographer can ask for than a nice new camera for Christmas.
  2. MSR Evo Snowshoes – If David is not at work, home or writing for us at BlackBerryCentral then he is likely in the mountains. These snowshoes would be a big help in winter.
  3. Minnetonka Men's Classic Moc – There’s nothing more comfortable for lounging the house or out for a walk.

Greg Wesson

  1. Sanuks – Some comfortable shoes and slippers which would match his wanna be Hawaiian lifestyle.
  2. LP Player tune up – When you got love for the classics then you have to do it right. A tune up of his record players would be a great gift for Greg to keep the love of the vinyl going.
  3. Superbowl tickets – Because is there an American who does not want to go to watch the big game? We wonder if this guy will make it in there.

Dhaval Gogate

  1. Roadtrip – From SoCal all the way up the Pacfic northwest to Alaska, Dhaval would love to voyage across the USA and Canada to take it all in.
  2. Week long Vacation – Basically he would need a vacation from a vacation from the previous trip so relaxing at this resort would be right up his ally, just don’t expect any sand!
  3. A Ferrari 550 Maranello – Well if he was going to do a roadtrip of a lifetime, he might as well do it in style! Nothing says that than a Ferrari. Hopefully Dhaval plans on taking his trip in the summer time though!

Shivam Vahia

  1. MacBook Pro with Retina Display – This student needs to keep moving with his studies so a new laptop would be perfect! As well, why not try out the Mac OS for once.
  2. Tickets to a FC Barcelona Match – Watching them at Camp Nou is one of Shivam’s dreams along with watching Messi play.
  3. A smartwatch – Any one, surprise Shivam is what he said. He’s mostly interested in an Android wear though. This would help him keep distracted while he should be studying!

Christian Ziegenrücker

  1. A Cat – known as the catman in the group, Kristjan has love for the felines, so a fluffy companion would be a great addition to his life right now.
  2. A BlackBerry 10 Priv – When we said price wasn’t an option Kristjan went all out with this demand. A BlackBerry 10 Priv would likely come at a hefty price right now. But no doubt a lot of readers would agree with this one!
  3. A BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition - Since the BlackBerry 10 Priv may be a bridge too far, at least he would get a new device with the Passport SE.

Well that’s our wish list over here at BlackBerryCentral. We want to wish all of our readers the Merriest of Christmas’, Happy Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Omisoka, Eid and any other celebrations you may have this month.

Hopefully, your time is filled with friends, family and fond memories. As well, all the best into the New Year of 2016 and what it may bring. Please bear with us for the next week or so, as many people are away travelling, having family in or on vacation. But don’t be discouraged, we'll be back in full force in the new year!

From all the staff at BlackBerryCentral Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!