Workshop: Creating with QNX and Qt

When BlackBerry started building the new generation of BlackBerry back in 2012, few knew what QNX was in relation to BlackBerry. Today, many know what it does, and even more folks now know what it is. However, very little is known about how it works on a public level. When BlackBerry acquired QNX back in April 2010, they closed out the system entirely with no access to the source code. Same is the case with the Qt application framework. Many BlackBerry fans did not know about these two before they were brought on to the BlackBerry 10 operating system. There is some QNX documentation available here and some for Qt here and here.

A company called Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS) will hold a full-day workshop on the 10th in San Jose, CA and on the 12th in San Diego, CA of this month. The workshop is called Real Beauty in Real Time:

"This full-day workshop will provide Engineering Architects and Program Managers a thorough understanding of the entire development process using QNX and Qt, transforming a napkin sketch into working code on a device running a real-time embedded operating system. It will not only help you plan your projects, it will also make sure that they get started right and avoid the common pitfalls of working with a new platform."

There are a few things the participants will get:

  • ARM based, touchscreen display integrated hardware (the TI TMDSSK3358 - AM335x Starter Kit, see details here)
  • QNX-Neutrino Board Support Package (BSP) with corresponding SD card OS image (30-day evaluation license)*
  • Ubuntu-based Virtualbox image with QNX Momentics (30-day evaluation license)* and Qt-Creator IDE (Integrated Development Environments) pre-installed.

The workshop itself is free, with the TI starter kit hardware available for purchase at $199 USD.


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