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It's been a couple of week's since we've had a Rumour Roundup - but we're back at it this week, bringing you some new rumours to digest.

Each Tuesday, we'll bring you the most interesting rumours in the BlackBerry community and let you know if there's any real supporting evidence. Devices, OS's, and more hot topics - it's your one-stop post to get the latest rumours.


BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Caught Running Android


MondoBlackBerry, DuDroid


This one had a lot of people on the edge of their seats, as it came with both video and images of the alleged device.

To reiterate from a past post, "When it comes to the Android Passport, it's real. Think of the device as a starter platform for the Venice, without the full intention of release. Essentially, the only way you'll see an Android Passport is if the sales of the Venice are sizable enough to justify the additional hardware or software development. Oddly, the source that provided the actual Android Silver Edition unit gave what appears to be misinformation about a release."

The device wasn't aimed for release, especially after the Silver Edition arrived with BlackBerry 10.

Contingent on how 10.3.3 turns out, and how well the Venice sells, we just may see Android on more than 1 device.



BlackBerry Keian Cancelled


BBM Channels, Forums


Since we haven't seen the Keian just yet, it's apparently left some folks asking about it. For those who don't know, the Keian is supposed to be the P'9984 - the next iteration in Porsche Design collaboration devices from BlackBerry.

While it wasn't fully discused by BlackBerry, the device was mentioned in March at the MWC event. We initially saw a partial image leak of the keyboard from DTBlackBerry (that was later deleted from his account), and later BlackBerryCentral released the first full image of the device in April.

Our sources revealed a September 20th announcement date for the device, and we're still not past that just yet. Interestingly, we haven't seen any leaks of the device in person or certifications in the FCC - though 10.3.2 builds have given hints of the model ID. We expect to see something relatively soon - though we may be looking at a 2016 release if Chen decides that releasing another Passport variant isn't the best idea for the company right now.

As always, we'll keep you updated.



Chen Abandoning BlackBerry 10 OS


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The rumour goes that since we still haven't seen any 10.3.3 updates, and that due to the Venice being Android based, we won't see OS 10 carried past 2016.

A silly rumour, in a word. The idea of releasing the Silver Edition + Leap without intent of supporting the OS or EOL'ing it is pretty crazy. As others have stated, creating an Android phone is a great way to penetrate into both a consumer side, and past enterprise users who left the BlackBerry for a lack of available apps - it's not about transitioning away from BlackBerry 10, it's finding a new path to gain profits in the hardware division.

When it comes to 10.3.3, some say we'll see the first builds show up later this month - which isn't an inane thought. Few have an idea why the OS has been kept so quiet, and fewer know what it brings.

By October 22nd, we should know exactly what's going on with BlackBerry 10.


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