Seven Major Updates to BlackBerry’s Secure Enterprise Portfolio

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At BlackBerry, we’re big believers in constant improvement, whether you call it kaizen, agile development or whatever. To that end, we’ve not only rapidly integrated the companies we’ve acquired in the past year – including AtHoc, Good Technology, and WatchDox – but we’ve continued to ship significant updates to them and other members of our enterprise software and services family with no interruption.

This week, we’re announcing 7 updates to our enterprise portfolio. Read on for an overview, with links to deeper-dive blogs and news releases to learn more.

1. WatchDox: Salesforce Integration, E-mail Protection and more

WatchDox by BlackBerry, our highly-secure file management platform, enables effortless document synchronization and sharing over multiple operating systems. This month, we’re adding a number of improvements, including Salesforce integration, in-browser document editing, and many other features to improve productivity, collaboration, administration, and development.

We are also releasing WatchDox by BlackBerry Email Protector as a standalone product, allowing your enterprise to automatically embed security and DRM controls into some or all files sent through your email gateway that endures even after they leave the firewall. And when you deploy it alongside an email Data Loss Protection (DLP) system for advanced security screening, Email Protector will enforce granular, custom DRM corresponding to existing risk profiles.

2. BES12: More Good Integration, Better Samsung KNOX Support

Our core EMM platform, BES12, allows secure management of mobile devices and endpoints across multiple operating systems and ownership models – all from a single console. Our v12.5 updates to BES12 On-Premises further simplify administration and deployment of Good Dynamics apps, introduce new compliance rules, and enhance support for Samsung KNOX, including support for IBM Verse e-mail hosting. For BES12 Cloud, we’ve also recently added several features designed to enhance both security and management of mobile devices, including BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus support for seamless enterprise connectivity, MDM support for OS X and app management for Windows 10.

3. Good Dynamics: Improved App Management for Windows 10, OS X, Better Developer Support, and More

In addition to our enhancements to BES12, we’ve made a number of improvements to our Good Dynamics mobile app management platform, introducing more Good features to Windows 10 and Mac OS X users, and enhanced support for multiple development languages such as Swift, Xamarin and PhoneGap.

4. AtHoc: Platform Refresh and Integration with Good Dynamics

We’re also adding the mobile app for the AtHoc Crisis Communications platform into Good Dynamics, while also upgrading the overall platform with features such as real-time alert rules, automated staff mustering, management alerting, and more.

5. Split Billing for BYOD: Slashing Corporate Smartphone Costs

We’ll soon offer two new services geared towards reducing your company’s spending on cellular data on employee-owned devices. BlackBerry WorkLife – Advanced Analytics allows you to easily monitor data usage of any Good, third-party, or custom business apps built with Good Dynamics. WorkLife – Reimbursement, meanwhile, will allow your organization to establish a clear separation between personal and corporate data costs, helping you facilitate reimbursing your employees for the use of approved business apps on iOS and Android devices.


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