Are You A Student? Here's Why A BlackBerry Might Be A Good Fit

While a BlackBerry is mainly touted as a business device, it is in fact just as well suited to other environments. As a unversity student, I've come to appreciate the power and help of my BlackBerry over the semesters and grew attached to the power it puts in my hand. Based on my experience, I have collected some of the major points why you, a student, might consider a BlackBerry as well:

  • It Helps You Keep Up With Your Work: One of the essential things to be succesful at college is knowing your workload and managing it effectively. Whether it is to be aware of assignment due, the deadlines or keeping track of exam dates, your BlackBerry will help you to get it just right. Thanks to the calendar, the whole semester schedule is at the palm of your hands. Everything from due dates and exams to holidays can easily be managed and viewed. The separation with different colours for each type of event or the overview of your daily schedule in the Hub are helping to perfectly keep up with what's going on. With the BlackBerry Remember app, all your tasks show up in one place. By attaching an important email from your professor or a picture of the notes you took in a lecture, everything you need is always right there. To not make a mess out of all your notes, you can simply tag them or create different notebooks, separating for example by class or due date. Of course, you can also assign due dates to your tasks and set a reminder, making sure you won't forget anything. Lastly, typing drafts on the go has never been more comfortable thanks to that beloved keyboard. Remember, books have been written on BlackBerrys' before.
  • Its Day Is Just As Long As Yours: Needless to say, BlackBerrys have always been about battery life - but more now than ever. Making your phone your personal helper, you always need to be able to rely on it - and with BlackBerry, I feel I always can. Whether you need to stay longer on campus than planned, working at assignments or decide to suddenly go out with friends after class, your BlackBerry has your back. If things really add up, there's always the Battery Saving Mode to provide some extra runtime.
  • It Tells You What's Important: Whether you need to concentrate on getting things done or not, there's always texts from friends or emails distracting you from work. With Priority Hub, all the important E-Mails from your professors, texts from your math tutor or the BBM group you set up with your peers for learning are in one place. Over time, your BlackBerry learns what's important to you and will automatically add certain contacts or conversations to the Priority Hub, making your life even easier.
  • It Can Pull The Strings for You: After a long, exhausting day of studying the last thing you want to do is care about where you'll find the next gas station or searching the phone book for the next pizza delivery service. Thankfully, BlackBerry Assistant has you covered with asnwering all these questions for you. Instead of a map or a phone book, the only thing you need is your phone. Not only will the Assistant route you to the gas station or call the pizza service for you, it can tell you if you should put a jacket on, help with complicated calculations or tell you the population of pretty much any country around the world. Forgot your laptop at home? No problem. Thanks to BlackBerry Link you can access all your files directly though your BlackBerrys File Browser without having your computer with you. With the Meeting Mode, your phone automatically silences at the beginning of class, giving you one less thing to worry about. Let alone this could save your semester, as more and more professors tend to give an F for every phone that rings during an exam.
  • It Helps You Relax After You're Done: Now that you're finished with studying and writing all your assignments, get some well-earned rest before the next day. As always, your BlackBerry can help with a multitude of applications from Facebook, Twitter or foursquare for fulfilling your needs to connect with peers, friends or everyone else that matters to you. As well, there is iGrann for checking your Instagram feed, Soundcloud for listening to your favorite music or BBM Video & Meetings if you want to make that video call back home (to name just a few of many examples).

All in all, those are my top five on how my BlackBerry helps me as a student. Having never let me down, it has become a great advantage to use every day and helped me develop my time management skills - just as well as preserving my free time to do so much more than just school work.

Are you a student? How has your BlackBerry helped you be more productive?