Sunday Summation: October 5 - October 11

It's Sunday! Which means, besides American Football, it's time for the BlackBerryCentral Sunday Summation! Each Sunday, we'll take a look at what BlackBerry news showed up over the course of the week and break it down in an easy-to-read format.

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SPECulation: Priv vs Blackphone 2

With the Priv made official, our own Scott McCarthy took a look at the closest competition it will have: The Blackphone 2.  While the initial Blackphone wasn't exactly an international success, the makers have made quite a few improvements for the second iteration of their device.  How does it look to stand up to the first Android powered BlackBerry?  Here's our take from what we know so far.


A Low-Down Look at the QNX Concept Cars

The QNX Auto Blog is one of the coolest spots to stay up to date with BlackBerry's subsidiary and all that they're doing to improve and secure the automitive industry.  They've made many concept cars from different models over the years.  Here, Paul Leroux gives us a closer look at all that's going on with QNX and its push into the Auto-Infotainment business.

Cars in the article include: 

-The Maserati Quattroporte GTS

-The Mercedes CLA 45 AMG

-The Bentley Continental GT

Other cars in the past have included a Jeep, Porsche Carerra, and an Audi Quattro Concept among others.  QNX is certainly at the forefront of its industry and the concept cars continue to show the world why.  Even Ford has bought in and now QNX is in over 60 Million vehicles across the globe.


Priv Accessories Show Up Online

BlackBerry Priv accessories have started making their way onto online listings for retailers accross the world. If you haven't heard of the Priv, check out BlackBerry's site. Also, click the title for a quick list of the accessories that have shown up.  The launch is soon... the only question that remains is WHEN?!


Carphone Warehouse Starts Registration for Updates

Carphone Warehouse has added the Priv by BlackBerry to their website under the Coming Soon page, and oddly, have chosen to use a BlackBerryCentral Rendering as the thumbnail image. Aside from that, it's a good indication that we're coming up on an announcement this month.  Of course, we'll be updating our site as soon as we have info (possibly before official info from Carphone). 


That's BlackBerry in a Sunday Summation! We'll get you all caught up again next Sunday. Until then, be sure to download our Central for BlackBerry app in BlackBerry World to keep up with BlackBerry news throughout the week!


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