WatchDox To BlackBerry Workspaces: Building More Secure File Sharing

Based on the new BlackBerry Secure platform, WatchDox will now be known as BlackBerry Workspaces going forward into 2017. But an updated interface and logo isn't the only thing to pay attention to, there's new features that are being added - furthering the acquisitioned company as one of (if not THE) most secure file sharing offerings currently available.

"BlackBerry Secure is one of the tangible representations of our transition to a software-focused company" and the Workspaces transition is merely one cog in this unification.

Breaking it down, here's five new features that are added to the Workspaces update:

  • Take Control: File Locking
  • New Usability Enhancements
  • Easier Deployment & Integration
  • Enhanced Visibility & User Management
  • Bring Workspaces File Security to Any Application Your Developers Create

BlackBerry's own Inside Blogs explains it best:

Take Control of Version Control Through File Locking

There’s an old saying that applies all too well to version management: “too many cooks spoil the broth.” When multiple users make edits to the same document, figuring out which to apply, which to discard, and which conflict with each other can be a nightmare. With the new release of Workspaces, this is a thing of the past.

Users who are permitted to upload new versions of a file can be permitted to ‘lock’ it, preventing anyone else from making edits at the same time as them. This reduces duplication of effort, eliminates the risk of losing recent document edits, and makes version control simpler than ever before.

Collaboration is Easier, Better, Faster, & Stronger with New Usability Enhancements

Given the choice between an oven with only a few buttons and one with a hundred-page owner’s manual, most people would choose the former. If a tool is unintuitive, people aren’t going to use it. That’s why our latest Workspaces release includes usability enhancements to make secure collaboration simpler than ever before, such as:

  • Mark files as Favorites, and use Quick Access Filters such as Favorites and Recent Locations to quickly track down documents.
  • Keep track of activity on files you’ve shared with your colleagues through Collaboration Mode, and access previous versions of a file through your mobile device.
  • Easily create new workspaces on external repositories including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Windows File Shares (CFIS), and any CMIS-compliant file repository.
  • Edit and collaborate on files in place using the tools you already know with native integration to Office 365.

Take a Load off IT With Easier Deployment & Integration

We’ve taken measures to make things easier for IT, as well. Workspaces can now be managed from the same admin console as the rest of our software, including BlackBerry Work, Blackberry UEM, and any BlackBerry Dynamics apps you’ve deployed. We’ve also developed new connectors for Windows File Shares, OneDrive, and SharePoint Online, meanwhile. This will allow you to extend Workspaces’ protection to even more of your repositories, while simultaneously making it better equipped to work with the systems your clients and partners are already familiar with.

Speaking of clients and partners, we’re making it easier to deploy and manage Workspaces on premises. Workspaces provides ultra-secure deployment of EFSS with App-X, a virtual appliance which customers can use to deploy Workspaces in their own private cloud.

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